Stego KTO/KTS thermostats and CP 061 flat heater

New thermostats with ‘Push-In’ terminals from the KTO & KTS Series

When it comes to quality thermal management solutions, Stego is a name you can trust. Based in Germany, Stego manufacture innovative, reliable, efficient and integration-friendly products.

Stego have developed a whole host of products, including heating, cooling, lighting, monitoring and regulation for control panels and enclosures. Recently they’ve added new products to their popular KTO and KTS panel thermostat range. These new products have been developed for quick installation and  space-saving applications, so if space is at a premium for you, they are well worth a look.

New thermostats with ‘Push-In’ terminals from the KTO & KTS Series

KTO111 and KTS111 are a new generation of UL approved thermostats with a push-In connection. This speeds up installation time by around 30% while providing a secure connection with constant pressure against the conductor. The thermostats respond quickly to temperature changes as their innovative air vents provide better air circulation around the temperature sensor.

KTO 111 is an electromechanical thermostat with 1 NC contact, usually used for switching heaters. The contact opens when the temperature rises to the set temperature on the red dial.

KTS 111 is an electromechanical thermostat with 1 NO contact, usually used for switching cooling fans or to give a signal (switch on) when the temperature is too high. The contact closes if the temperature rises above the set value on the blue dial.

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New compact enclosure heater CP 061

On top of launching the KTO 111 and KTS 111, they’ve also launched the new flat heater CP 061. This is their newest, most versatile enclosure heater. It’s small in size but has powerful output!  Temperature fluctuations cause humidity in enclosures and this can easily affect electric and electronic installations and equipment. Increasing the temperature and keeping it consistent is an easy way to make sure your installations are safe. The new CP 061 is a space-saving and powerful heater, perfect for densely equipped enclosures. Mounting to a cabinet or enclosure wall is a good way of saving space. This ultra-flat heater is only 8 mm deep and will fit into almost any gap. 

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