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With FIEPOS (FIEld POwer Supply) PULS introduces a completely new and unique type of power supply that has been developed to move the power supply out of the control panel. FIEPOS units are available in IP54, IP65 and IP67 protection classes. The FIEPOS product range offers flexibility to meet unique requirements of each application. They are easy to install and simplify the planning and maintenance of complete or expandable systems. Additionally, FIEPOS allows the enclosure for the power supply to be reduced in size or removed completely.

PULS FIEPOS range allows for decentralised power distribution of a system. FIEPOS is available in Basic and eFused versions.


Without FIEPOS

Traditional system design with IP20 power supply.

Centralised power supply requires longer cable runs with larger cross section that cause power losses. For such applications power supply is usually oversized to compensate these losses. 


Modular system design with IP54, IP65 or IP67 power supplies.

FIEPOS power supplies are ideal for providing power for spacious applications in a decentralised, efficient and flexible way. Modular system allows effective expansion, maintenance and retrofitting of individual system components. 

FIEPOS power supply for every application


1 high power DC output.

FIEPOS Basic range has a single 300W or 500W DC output. IP54, IP65 and IP67 protection of the power supplies make them a perfect solution for decentralised single or three phase systems and machines. Parallel connection of the output increases performance and allows to create system redundancy.  


Up to 4 current limited DC outputs. 

With eFused version it is easy to implement selective power distribution, protection and monitoring of an application. This also offers a space saving as it is a fused power supply system all in one instead of a power supply with external electronic protection module. Output voltage and built-in fuses can be monitored via LED interface and set using pushbuttons or via IO-Link. NEC Class 2 version is also available. 

Saving time, money, and space with FIEPOS


Compact design with high ingress protection (IP54, IP65 or IP67) combined with various connector options makes FIEPOS power supply ideal for flexible installation outside of control panel or even directly on a machine.

ease of use

Output voltage and current limited outputs (eFused version) can be monitored via LED interface and pushbuttons on the device or remotely via IO-Link.

cost saving

FIEPOS power supplies reduces the length and cross section of cables required for an application. This not only reduces the cost of the cable but also provides time saving for installation. Instead of using several components FIEPOS provides an all-in-one solution.

space saving

No additional protection module is required as FIEPOS eFused version has integrated, current limited outputs resulting in space saving. Because of high IP rating enclosures are not required. This solution reduces the overall quantity of components required.

FIEPOS – Alternative to a cabinet

FIEPOS eFused power supplies are also available with high power current limited channel (20A) and an additional fused low power channel (2-12A). The compact power supply can be attached directly to a machine and replaces decentralised on-site cabinets creating an electric circuit compliant with NEC Class 2 standards. 

eFused version can supply decentralised loads with high power and set up a NEC Class 2 circuit at the same time. FIEPOS IP54, IP65 or IP67 power supplies can easily replace control boxes that consist of a 24V 20A power supply and an electronic fuse while also offering an overall cost reduction.


Via IO-Link FIEPOS power supply provides information about important parameters such as current, voltage, temperature, service life, alarms in case of overload, faulty DC voltage and more. IO-Link allows the user to switch the device on and off remotely, set trip current and reset different channels.

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