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Electromagnetic bolts - what they are and why use them?

Electromagnetic bolts (or electrical locking bolts) are essentially solenoids, with the plunger engineered to support external radial forces. This allows them to be used as locking devices, whether working simply as a traditional push to lock or power on to engage the lock.

The application possibilities are numerous, with passive or active security options. Passive devices ensure ‘locking’ in the application without any voltage applied, and due to the plunger design, it is kept locked until a voltage is applied. 

The active electromagnetic bolt is functionally like a regular solenoid – it is closed and only active in the locked position when a voltage is applied.

Both passive and active have many options for force provided, duty cycle and plunger styles.

What are typical applications of solenoids and electromagnets?

  • Door locking and access control – electromagnet to hold a door open or closed
  • Food and medical machinery – solenoids as locking pins once a section is in place
  • Factory automation – machine part holding electromagnets
  • Vending machines – solenoids to open or lock access points, move vending flaps and guides
  • Lifts and elevators – locking bolts as security and safety features
  • Agricultural machinery – solenoid to open/close dispensing valves on casting machinery
  • Automotive industry – multiple options for solenoid locks, holding magnets to lock doors

Advantages of electromagnetic bolts

  • Efficient and compact
  • Overall cost saving over manually operated labour intensive lock
  • Output options for the position of the plunger
  • Traceability of the signal as part of a full system

Why choose Nafsa products? 

  • Large range of products
  • Personalisation and customisation for volume enquiries (typically 1000+)
  • European reliability
  • Tooling redundancy policy (same production tooling in all factories) able to produce all devices

Who are NAFSA?

NAFSA, based in Guernica, Spain, have been designing and manufacturing electromagnetic products since 1996.

With their specialist knowledge in the electromagnet field, they lead the way in this industry. NAFSA manufacture the following items which can be bought from OEM Automatic:

  • Industrial electromagnets
  • Holding electromagnets
  • Solenoids
  • Latching electromagnets
  • Two-way linear electromagnets
  • Electromagnetic bolts

Do you have an application for an electromagnetic product? The specialists in our motor products team are on hand to help. E-mail them at [email protected] or call 0116 284 9900.

You can see NAFSA's full range of products here - Solenoids & Electromagnets.


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