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Automation components for the Chemical Industry

Chemical processing and production are part of a huge billion-pound industry. The importance of chemistry means there is no room for inaccuracies.

Chemical processing and production are part of a huge billion-pound industry. The importance of chemistry means there is no room for inaccuracies.
Automated equipment assists professionals in the chemical industry to undertake R&D, product management, chemical engineering and other critical roles in the chemical industry.
This article looks at products OEM Automatic supply suitable for use in chemical production and processing. Some specialist engineers might find this article of interest.

What is chemical processing and production?

The chemical process consists of materials being created and processed into finished products. This can include purification, separation and creating chemical reactions between materials.

Often, active ingredients are used within chemicals to create finished products – and this is where specialist equipment is required.

Components should be robust, long-lasting and made from the correct materials.

Chemical production describes the manufacturing of chemicals to be used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and a wide array of manufacturing applications.

Processes within the chemical industry 

  • Cleaning and sterilisation of products and product handling 
  • Movement of media
  • Temperature measurement
  • Level measurement and detection
  • Transformation processes of plasticisers, polymers, additives and active principles
  • Transfer within production processes (supply, pressure boosting, discharge)
  • Metering and filling

Valve package suitable for the chemical industry

Designed specifically for the chemical industry, we can provide a package of actuated valves.

NEW Omal VIP EVO Co-Ax valve up to PN40

The Omal VIP EVO Co-Ax valve is a macro pneumatic valve with benefits such as:

  • Pneumatic actuator integrated into the valve
  • Several seals available
  • 70% less air consumption in comparison to an actuated valve with SR pneumatic actuator
  • ATEX certification

The VIP EVO Co-Ax valve will be available soon…

Pro-Chemie ball valves

The Pro-Chemie ball valve is carefully designed for the chemical sector. It’s mainly used in the transformation processes of plasticisers, polymers, additives, and active principles.

The seals are completely independent of the shaft rotation to protect it from radial wear, delivering up to 60,000 cycles with no fugitive emissions. 

Standard features include SIL3 / ATEX.

Pro-Chemie ball valves are available as manual or automated using Omal’s scotch yoke actuators. 

Pneumatic scotch yoke actuators

A scotch yoke actuator converts linear force into torque to motorise quarter-turn valves.

Wafer ball valves

Wafer ball valves provide a reliable seal, making them fit for challenging applications. High quality, Italian-made stainless-steel wafer ball valves are available in various sizes and are ATEX-certified. 

Valpes electric actuators

Valpes are specialised in providing ATEX approved electric actuators. See our section on ATEX rated products to find out more. 

Pressure level and flow monitoring instrumentation

The following monitoring equipment is suited to the chemical industry.

The Aplisens range of flow meters, level sensors, pressure and temperature sensors are suitable for the chemical industry. They measure pressure of liquids, using stainless steel casing for wetted parts, and are ATEX rated.

Aplisens’ collection of measurement instrumentation can be used for utility, water and wastewater processing applications. 

ESI specialise in providing hydrogen pressure sensors, which is a trending chemical used for various functions.

Flow switches

The Honsberg FF Series flow switch is a simple unit which indicates when a specific flow rate has been achieved and can be used with aggressive media such as corrosive and abrasive flows.

This flow switch is suitable for the chemical industry as it is available in stainless steel and has a pressure range from 16 bar up to 200 bar.

Chemical float switches

Technoplastic’s chemical float switch is designed specifically for the chemical environment. 

Unlike traditional floats that float on the water’s surface, the Taurus level switch remains underwater. Suitable for medical and scientific facilities, hydrocarbons and more.

ATEX rated 

ATEX rated equipment ensures that components are fit for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Many operations in chemical production require this rating.

ATEX rated safety switches

IDEM’s explosion-proof safety switch range is developed to satisfy the latest IECEx and ATEX standards, creating explosion-proof switching. They combine explosion proof protection and satisfy high functional safety requirements all in one device.

ATEX rated electric actuators 

These are suitable for any potentially explosive or hazardous environments. An electric actuator allows a valve to be adjusted remotely or large valves to be operated rapidly and play a major part in automating process control.

Valpes’ existing range of ATEX electric actuators has new certifications, achievable for new markets with EACEx (Russia) and IECEx (international) certification, also compliant with the latest requirements of the ATEX directive (2014/34/EU).

Products that can handle aggressive media

Stainless steel components

The benefit of stainless steel is that it can withstand highly corrosive substances and has excellent mechanical characteristics. This helps achieve quality standards and is often seen in the chemical environment. 

Examples include:

  • Stainless steel safety components 
  • Stainless steel conduits for cabling
  • Stainless steel enclosures

Most process equipment in our pressure and flow range is available in stainless steel.


To handle aggressive media, IP69K components are recommended. They can withstand harsh environments such as chemical washdown or the presence of aggressive oils, lubricants and dust.

Most of the components mentioned in this article have an IP69K rating.

Piston valves

Piston valves, or angle body piston valves, have proven durability in handling aggressive fluids, such as steam, hot water, solvents, and light slurries. Asco offers both pressure-operated, proportional or motor control for precise flow control.


Preventing contamination is crucial for chemical handling.

Mixproof valves

Mixproof valves are a must in chemical production as they specifically prevent cross-contamination. This is because they have an integrated leak chamber, which detects seal failure avoiding cross-contamination.

A Mixproof valve directly achieves the certifications FDA, 3A and CE - required for the chemical environment.

Seat valves

Seat leakproof valves enable a potential leak to be detected between the two isolated zones due to the chamber connected to the atmosphere. This is an alternative to Mixproof leak chamber valves and are highly resistant to chemicals - making them ideal solutions.


Traceability can prevent the chances of error in chemical production and lab processing. 

Traceability is a requirement in chemistry - for example, the absence of things such as bacteriological load. 


Barcode tracking technology by Datalogic is effective for applications such as lab sample analysis and inside analysis machines. For example, handheld scanners are used to read barcodes throughout lab sampling.

The above is just some of the components suitable for chemical applications. Email [email protected] with your specific requirements, and we can find a solution for you.

CHEMUK review

At CHEMUK this year, it was a delight to showcase products for the chemical industry.

We showcased some of the components discussed above, such as the Omal Pro-Chemie ball valve and a range of valves and pressure, flow and level monitoring equipment.

It was great to have Omal Automation with us again! If you have questions about any of the products mentioned in this article, please email [email protected] or call us on +44 (0)116 284 9900.

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