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Process Management Solutions

OEM Automatic’s Pressure & Flow Business Area markets a range of instrumentation designed to measure and control the pressure, flow and level of liquids and gases.

The Pressure & Flow area has developed close partnerships with manufacturers who are specialists in their particular field. We are then able to offer a range of standard, competitively priced components or bespoke product combinations to exactly match the customer’s application. Our aim is to provide the highest quality and broadest range of hygienic process and industrial instrumentation products on the UK market.

We represent process management solutions from Anderson-Negele, Definox and Jung Process Systems, all leaders in their respective markets. 

OEM Automatic is proud to be an authorised partner to Anderson-Negele. Anderson-Negele has over 35 years experience as a global leader in hygienic instrumentation design, development and manufacture. Specialising exclusively in hygienic products aimed at the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. For more information on Anderson-Negele visit our supplier page.
Definox founded in 1970 is a market leader of process control equipment. Based in Clisson in France Definox is ideally based to serve the UK market via OEM and Europe with ease. With a number of technically advanced  products, developed with the customers requirements in mind OEM and Definox are confident we can offer a suitable product for the most demanding application. For more information on Definox visit our supplier page.
Jung Process Systems is a specialist in hygienic twin screw pumps - HYGHSPIN . As part of the second-generation family business. Jung & Co. offers more than 40 years of experience in stainless steel processing. HYGHSPIN pumps meet the diverse requirements of various industries and are characterized by excellent quality and optimal design. For more information on Jung Process Systems visit our supplier page.

Conductivity & Turbidity Sensors

Inductive conductivity meter ILM-4

With ILM-4 it is possible to directly measure the concentration of a medium which can effectively improve the CIP cleaning process and thereby also economically advantageous.


An effective CIP cleaning is dependent on a proper cleaning process. Too low concentrations can lead to insufficient cleaning results while too high concentrations result in increased product usage and longer flushing times, which in turn results in higher financial costs. The ILM sensor is perfect for controlling the right amount of detergent concentrations.

It is also suitable for product quality monitoring.

Turbidity Sensors ITM-51/51R ITM4/4DW

The measurement of turbidity is an essential parameter for the automation of process runs in process engineering. We can offer sensors with different measuring methods for almost every customer application. For instance, the ITM-51 is suitable for phase separation of products e.g. in dairies (whey - cream - milk). In contrast the ITM-4 can be used for fresh water control in the beverage industry.

Hygienic Flow Sensors & Switches

Anderson-Negele design and manufacture different sensors for measuring the flow rate or for flow monitoring. Our flow meters (magnetic-inductive or turbine flow meters) and flow monitors (ultrasonic or calorimetric) are optimized for the use in hygienic applications and meet the requirements of the customers from the Food and Pharmaceutical industry regarding accuracy, life span and cleaning.

The magnetic-inductive sensors are suitable for measuring liquids and pastes with a minimum conductivity of 5 µS/cm. Turbine flow meters are cost-efficient and reliable alternative to magnetic-inductive flowmeters and are also usable in non-conductive media.

Flow Switches for Hygienic Applications
For flow monitoring there are two different measuring principles: - The Ultrasonic Flow Monitor has an extremely rapid response time and works absolutely independent of temperature changes.
- The Flow Monitor with Calorimetric Measuring Principle can also be used to measure highly pure or ultra-filtered fluids.

Hygienic Level Sensors & Switches

Anderson-Negele has suitable level switches for continuously measuring filling levels or identifying point levels – whichever your process requires. They operate on the basis of a wide range of measurement methods and are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers in the food, beverage and bio-pharmaceutical sectors.

Continuous level sensors identify the filling level in tanks or similar vessels by means of a step less method. The filling level is converted into an electrical signal for further processing. It can be displayed on location or used for process control. In addition, potentiometric filling a level sensor which measures the filling level in small vessels up to 3 m high, the hydrostatic measuring principle is employed in larger tanks or when measuring non-conductive media.

A point level switch detects that a defined filling level has been reached and emits a switch signal for process control.

Hygienic Pressure Gauges & Sensors

Anderson-Negele Pressure Sensors and Gauges are optimized for the high requirements and standards of the Food & Beverage industry as well as for the Pharmaceutical industry.

Mechanical Pressure Gauges

Anderson-Negele pressure gauges can be adapted to all standard process connections without additional diaphragm seals, either directly or using the CLEAN adapt system.  For pharmaceutical applications, we also offer devices with a 3.1 certificate, a better surface roughness and the possibility to adjust zero and span, which can also be autoclaved.

Electrical Pressure Transducers

Anderson-Negele electrical pressure transducers with or without display have a stainless steel diaphragm that is highly resistant to overload and are suitable for the precise measurement of fluids even in extremely wet environments. All materials that come into contact with the medium are FDA-approved and for pharmaceutical applications autoclaved versions with a better surface roughness are offered.


Refraction = Refraction of light beam at the transition between two materials / media with different refractive index

The IRM-11 makes it possible to measure dissolved particles in liquids with refractive index scales such as BRIX, Plato or other customer-specific devices. An LED light source radiates directly into the medium. The density of the liquid affects the speed of light and changes the refractive value.

Hygienic Valves

DEFINOX is a recognised and acknowledged specialist in process valves. 

The company design and manufacture high-tech products capable of satisfying the most stringent requirements for modern processes, performance, hygiene and flexibility for use in food and beverage industries world wide.

Definox products can be found in a wide variety of process applications including; 

  • Brewing
  • Dairy production
  • Food
  • Chemical
  • Cosmetic


The pigging systems developed by DEFINOX are modular and easily adapted to various processes thanks to their ability to be configured to suit the system they are to be utilised in.
On-line pigging is an effective source of savings. It provides an ecological solution to the problem of waste processing and is suitable for most liquid and paste products in DIN, SMS or US pipe line standards. For more information on pigging systems see our dedicated information page, you can see the full range of Definox valves below, or, alternatively, do not hesitate to get in touch with our Product Specialists in our Pressure and Flow team by emailing: [email protected]

Hygienic Pumps

The innovative HYGHSPIN series is ideally suited for many applications because of its structural design advantages. Enabling efficient, hygienic and optimally adapted production process for transporting viscosities in various industries. There is also, no need for an additional CIP pump required for ‘cleaning in place’.

Jung Process Systems twin screw pumps offer complete performance for all matters. See below how Jung's HYGHSPIN twin screw pumps compares to traditional pumps in CIP cleaning and product handling:

CIP Cleaning:

Product Handling:

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