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Fulling 2-phase hybrid step motor 39x39 mm 1.8°

  • Classic design with lower moment of inertia
  • Customised winding or shaft
  • Option with encoder and gear
  • Long service life
  • Nema 16

Product description

Fulling Motor Company is a leading motor manufacturer from Changzhou city in China.

Offering hybrid stepper and brushless DC motors, they have an annual capability in excess of 1.5 million pieces.

Used around the world in many different and varied applications, the Fulling Motor Company is commited to quality and sercvice.


Part numbers

Parts Price Holding torque Inductance Length Moment of inertia Phase current Resistance Weight
0,06374 Nm 6 mH 20 mm 11 g.cm² 0,4 A 6,6 Ω 0,12 kg
0,284 Nm 40 mH 38 mm 24 g.cm² 0,5 A 22 Ω 0,2 kg


FL39ST20-0404B-UEN prep. for E5 enc.

Technical data

Front size 39x39
Holding torque 0,06374 Nm
Inductance 6 mH
Length 20 mm
Moment of inertia 11 g.cm²
Phase current 0,4 A
Resistance 6,6 Ω
Step angle 1,8 °
Weight 0,12 kg

Measurements and connections

Technical illustrations

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