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NAFSA - ERDI series

  • Dual rest positions held with permanent magnet
  • Class E winding (120ºC)
  • High starting force
  • Up to 24N force
  • Customer specific version available

Product description

The ERDI range has two resting positions, moving from one to another by a polarized signal.


The plunger is held at each position by permanent magnets.

Part numbers

Parts Price Duty cycle Insulation class IP class Power Stroke Total weight Voltage dc max
33 % E (120°C) IP00 9 W 5 mm 40 g 12 V
20 % Y (90°C) IP40 28 W 6 mm 175 g 48 V


NAFDA ERDI series reversible bistable solenoid


Technical data

Duty cycle 33 %
Function push/pull
Insulation class E (120°C)
IP class IP00
Power 9 W
Stroke 5 mm
Total weight 40 g
Voltage dc max 12 V
Voltage dc min 6 V
Voltage type DC


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