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Electromen - EM-206 BLDC motor 4Q drive 12-36 V dc, 10 A

  • 12-36 V dc, 10 A continuous, 15 A peak
  • Open & closed loop (hall sensor feedback) control operation
  • Speed, direction, current limiting, soft start/stop and braking control
  • Compact, din rail mountable
  • EM-A1 card slot option for symmetrical control ±10V (rev-stop-fwd)

Product description

EM-206 is a DC-motor controller that is designed for brushless motors with hall sensor feedback. The unit has a mosfet-type high efficiency power stage. EM-206 can be connected to motors using 60º or 120º commutation. The unit is equipped with standard controls, such as speed, stop, reversing and braking. Mechanical installation can be done with screws or by using a rail mounting base.

There are two control options. Direct control (open loop) sets motor voltage in proportion to control voltage, as with a standard DC-motor. Frequency locked control (closed loop) uses hall sensor feedback for speed set besides commutation set. This way a precise speed control is attained. Closed loop response can be altered so that the adjustment remains stabile in given application. Speed control signal can be scaled with trimmers.

Current limit restricts motor torque when motor current exceeds set value. Current limit can be set with a trimmer or with external signal. Fault output indicates the operation of the current limit. EM-206 is protected against surge voltage and overheating (excess load). The unit requires an external fuse.

As an option, EM-A1 expansion card can be installed, this makes it possible to control EM-206 with ±10V signal.



• Three phase output

• Continuous speed adjustment

• Reversing

• Braking

• ±10V control option

• Hall sensor supply and input

• 60º or 120º commutation

• Settable / controllable current limit

• Fault output

• Open or closed loop activity

• High efficiency

• Rail base mountable

Part numbers

Parts Price Current setting range Max continuous current Peak current Supply voltage
0-15 A 10 A 15 A 12 V DC, 24 V DC, 36 V DC
0-8 A 5 A 7 A 24 V DC, 36 V DC, 48 V DC, 56 V DC


BLDC motor 4Q drive 12-36 V dc, 10 A

Technical data

Analogue input 0-5V or 0-10V or +/-0-10V
Control type Braking, Direction, Speed, Torque
Current setting range 0-15 A
Dimensions length x width x height 89x73x25mm mm
Logic input high >3V = ON
Logic input low <1V = OFF
Max continuous current 10 A
Mounting DIN rail
Peak current 15 A
Suitable engine BLDC
Supplier Electromen
Supply voltage 12 V DC, 24 V DC, 36 V DC
Weight 130 g

Measurements and connections


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