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DOGA 319H - DC wiper motor with feedback

Right angle worm gearbox, hall sensors, IP65 option

  • 12 - 24Vdc with positional feedback
  • Up to 9Nm
  • Up to 100rpm
  • Compact low noise design
  • High starting torque

Product description

The DOGA 319H series uses a brushed DC motor with worm gearbox and is developed to provide a compact, low noise and cost-effective solution to suit many industrial applications. Integrated with the motor are hall effect sensors offering up to 972ppr positional accuracy of the output shaft for feedback of speed, direction, and position of the rotor. 


The standard hardened plastic worm wheel offers smooth, low noise operation and good performance, along with durability. IP40 is standard (IP65 option), with an EMC filter option.


VOLTAGE: 12 / 24Vdc supply - ideally suited to battery powered and mobile applications.


TORQUE: >9Nm nominal, >60Nm starting – a good choice for applications requiring very high start-up power. 


SPEED: 30 - 230rpm options using a range of motor/gearbox combinations.


For modest quantities DOGA can offer product customisation to better suit the individual needs of the customer and application. Adaptations can include changes to the output shaft, supply voltage, gear wheel material, cabling/connectors, gear ratios and motor windings.


Typical applications include:


  • Agriculture
  • Building access
  • Care aid
  • Medical
  • Office equipment
  • Marine
  • General industrial automation


Part numbers

Parts Price Current max Max. torque Nominal current Nominal speed Nominal torque Number of pulses per revolution Ratio Supply voltage
60 A 40 Nm 6 A 100 rpm 4 Nm 468 78:2 12 V DC
30 A 40 Nm 3 A 100 rpm 4 Nm 468 78:2 24 V DC
28 A 50 Nm 7 A 30 rpm 9 Nm 972 81:1 12 V DC
15 A 50 Nm 3 A 30 rpm 9 Nm 972 81:1 24 V DC
50 A 50 Nm 6 A 45 rpm 8 Nm 972 81:1 12 V DC
25 A 60 Nm 3 A 45 rpm 9 Nm 972 81:1 24 V DC


DOGA 319H - DC wiper motor with feedback

Worm gearmotor 12 V dc, 4 Nm, 100 rpm, 6 A, Hall sensors

Technical data

Current max 60 A
EMC filter Yes
IP class IP40
Max. torque 40 Nm
Nominal current 6 A
Nominal speed 100 rpm
Nominal torque 4 Nm
Number of pulses per revolution 468
Positioning feedback Yes
Ratio 78:2
Shaft diameter 12 mm
Supply voltage 12 V DC
Type of gearbox Worm
Type of wheel Plastic
Weight 1,7 kg
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