Process Instrumentation

OEM Automatic are able to market a range of process instrumentation designed to measure and control the pressure, flow and level of liquids and gases in hygienic, process applications.

We represent process management solutions from Anderson-Negele, Definox and Jung Process Systems, all leaders in their respective markets.
Anderson Negele ILM series conductivity sensor

Conductivity Meter

The ILM series are high quality and cost-effective conductivity sensors for hygienic applications in the food and beverage industry. The use of the ILM-4 range from Anderson Negele, in the measurement of conductivity of products and CIP media, is the suitable analysis technique for the hygienic inline detection and differentiation of liquids in the process, for many applications in the food and beverage industry. The process efficiency is based on 3 performance characteristics of the ILM-4 Inductive Conductivity Sensor; the extremely short response time, superior measurement accuracy and superior product quality. Features: <li>Direct measurement of concentration <li>Available with IO-LINK <li>Built-in display <li>Approvals: FDA; 3-A</li>
Hygienic flow switches and sensors from Anderson Negele

Hygienic Flow

Hygienic level switches and sensors from Anderson Negele

Hygienic Level

Hygienic pressure gauges and sensors from Anderson Negele

Hygienic Pressure

Jung Process Systems Hygienic Twin screw pumps HYGHSPIN Hopper series

Hygienic Pumps

The innovative HYGHSPIN series is ideally suited for many applications because of its structural design advantages. Enabling efficient, hygienic and optimally adapted production process for transporting viscosities in various industries. There is also, no need for an additional CIP pump, required for ‘cleaning in place’. Jung Process Systems twin screw pumps offer complete performance for all matters. See below how Jung's HYGHSPIN twin screw pumps compares to traditional pumps in CIP cleaning and product handling:
Anderson Negele TFP hygienic temperature sensor

Hygienic Temperature

Definox double pig pigging system

Pigging Systems

Definox mixproof hygienic valve

Process Valves

Turbidity Sensor

Turbidity sensor ITM-51/51R & ITM-4 are suitable for phase separation, reliable and cost-effective. For many applications in the fluid food and beverage industry, turbidity measurement is the most suitable analysis for differentiating liquids in the process line. The ITM series of hygienic turbidity meters from Anderson Negele, monitor with high precision and can be controlled in real time. Features: <li>Infrared Backscatter Principle & 4-beam Alternating Light Method <li>Available with IO-LINK <li>CIP/SIP & Cleaning up to 140°C <li>Approvals: FDA; 3-A


electro pneumatic control box customised bespoke solutions
Case studies

Case Study - Electro Pneumatic Control Box

At OEM Automatic, we can supply a series of components for your one project. All under one roof. This case study discusses how we supplied several components for our customer's new electro-pneumatic control box. 

Product news

New Hydrogen Approved Pressure Switches

OEM is pleased to announce a range of hydrogen-approved mechanical pressure switches, by Suco! Today, hydrogen plays a key role in climate-neutral energy generation and storage.

WIKA force measurement
Product news

Feel the force with Wika force measurement

OEM Automatic proudly welcomes the addition of WIKA to its lineup. Wika Force brings a new dimension to the realm of force measurement. The integration of WIKA into the OEM Automatic pressure and flow range represents a significant advancement in force measurement technology!

Georg Fischer is a globally renowned provider of process automation systems and solutions
Product news

Georg Fischer New Process Automation Supplier

Georg Fischer is a globally renowned provider of process automation systems and solutions for various industries. Join us as we delve into the advantages and opportunities that this new addition brings to you.

ESI new hydrogen compatible pressure sensors range
Product news

ESI's hydrogen compatible pressure sensor range

Using hydrogen as a source of energy is an emerging market. ESI have a selected range of pressure sensors that are hydrogen-compatible.

Process packaging automation components

Process and packaging automation components at OEM

Automated machinery in the process and packaging industries is constantly developing. Find out how we can help to automate process and packaging machinery at OEM.

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