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Crouzet - 52mmØ Planetary gear + DC motor - DCmind Brush Series

  • 12→120 V dc, 57→104 W, 10→490 rpm, 25 Nm max
  • Low noise/vibration
  • High efficiency
  • Long life
  • IP65 as standard

Product description

The DCmind Brush product family is Crouzet's new generation of high performance DC motors.

Engineered to be very quiet and energy-efficient, making it ideal for medical and laboratory applications and any application that requires low noise levels & low vibration.

For comparison the motor without gearbox noise level 35 dBA is substantially quieter than average rain, which has a noise level of about 50 dB.

DCmind Brush has a lifespan of up to 24,000h without load and up to 5,000h with rated load.

The motors are rated to IP65 dust/water protection class as standard with the ability to reach up to IP69K.

DCmind is certified for UL and various other specific certificates within the medicine and household industry.

Options for adapation to the standard motor include encoder, brake, special output shafts & general mechanical/electrical modifications developed according to your specific application requirements.

Part numbers

Parts Price Power Speed options Supply voltage
57 W 10rpm→429rpm 12 V DC, 24 V DC, 48 V DC, 90 V DC
104 W 11rpm→490rpm 120 V DC, 24 V DC, 48 V DC, 90 V DC


Planetary 52mm gearmotor 57W 12→90Vdc 10→429pm 25Nm max

Technical data

Diameter 52 mm
IP class IP65
Life span 5000h
Max. torque 25 Nm
Power 57 W
Ratio i=7→393:1
Shaft diameter 12 mm
Speed options 10rpm→429rpm
Supply voltage 12 V DC, 24 V DC, 48 V DC, 90 V DC
Type of gearbox Planetary 1→3 stages
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