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The coupling between motor / gear-motor output shaft and the product to be rotated is often overlooked. Many times, they are connected by a solid coupling with the belief that the rigid structure will then ‘self-align’ when mounted…Sometimes, this works.

In some cases, the mounting surfaces are not perfectly machined, or the shafts not perfectly aligned. All may appear ok but the wear on bearings due to lack of compliance in the coupling can significantly reduce longevity and lead to premature failure, noise, vibration and a general perception of low quality for the overall product.

Choosing the right coupling according to the installation requirements can solve all these problems.

We offer a multitude of options and are happy to discuss your application to ensure the best connection is made.

Common applications.

  • Motor to pump connection – vibration and misalignment taken out by coupling.
  • Servo motor – maintain backlash free connection whilst reducing load on bearings.
  • Any motor or gear motor connection to a driven object can benefit from the correct choice of coupling.
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