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Fulling - BLDC 80mm

  • Powerful motor in small frame
  • Optional gearbox or encoder
  • Custom windings available

Product description

Fulling BLDC motors have a recognized high performance with large torque available in a small physical size.

For larger volume enquiries it is possible customize windings, shafts and flanges and with a standard rear shaft, it is easy to combine with, encoder and / or brake.

Utilising an 80mm square frame size, these motors are capable of high output torque in a compact overall size.


Also available with many gearbox options, including worm, spur and planetary.

Part numbers

Parts Price Front size Length Max. torque Nominal current Nominal torque Power Torque constant Weight
80x800 mm 84 mm 2,5 Nm 7,6 A 0,9 Nm 280 W 0,118 Nm/A 1,6 kg
80x80 105 mm 5 Nm 15 A 1,7 Nm 580 W 0,113 Nm/A 2 kg
80x80 105 mm 5 Nm 15 A 1,7 Nm 530 W 0,113 Nm/A 2 kg
80x80 120 mm 6,5 Nm 20,2 A 2,2 Nm 700 W 0,109 Nm/A 2,5 kg
80x80 140 mm 8,5 Nm 27 A 3 Nm 950 W 0,111 Nm/A 2,9 kg



Technical data

Front size 80x800 mm
Length 84 mm
Max. torque 2,5 Nm
Nominal current 7,6 A
Nominal speed 3000 rpm
Nominal torque 0,9 Nm
Power 280 W
Supply voltage 48 V DC
Torque constant 0,118 Nm/A
Weight 1,6 kg


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