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THK - LBH - torque ball bushing

  • Compact torque bushing with a straight rectangular shoulder nut.
  • High torque capability
  • High speed and quiet
  • Long maintenance intervals

Product description

A rigid rectangular spindle nut does not require a housing and can be mounted directly on the machine body.

This results in a compact, very stable linear control system.

The spline shaft has three pairs of precision machined bearing tracks, 120º apart.

The ball lines are held in place and circulate through a ball holder inside the bushing.

This also holds the balls in place if the bushing should be pulled off the shaft.

Part numbers

Parts Price Dynamic load Height Length Static load Width
4,4 kN 29 mm 43 mm 8,4 kN 34 mm
9,4 kN 38 mm 62 mm 20,1 kN 48 mm
14,9 kN 47,5 mm 73 mm 28,7 kN 60 mm
22,5 kN 57 mm 83 mm 41,4 kN 70 mm
37,1 kN 70 mm 102 mm 66,9 kN 86 mm
55,1 kN 88 mm 115 mm 94,1 kN 100 mm



Technical data

Dynamic load 4,4 kN
Height 29 mm
Length 43 mm
Static load 8,4 kN
Width 34 mm


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