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Crouzet - Synchronous geared motors

  • Single phase 24V→230V / 50Hz
  • 0.2→3W, 0.5→5Nm, 0→60rpm
  • Constant speed independant of load
  • Short start & stop times
  • Single direction & reversible options

Product description

The Crouzet synchronous motor is a small, compact motor with precise speed and short start and stop times.

A Synchronous motor is characterised by a constant speed of rotation which isindependent of the load but linked to the supply frequency.

A synchronous motor maintains its speed of rotation until an overload occurs. When overload occurs, the motor loses synchronisation, ie. it stops and develops an oscillation (vibration).

Available in single direction clockwise, anti-clockwise, or reversible.

No capacitor required on single direction motors.

Motors for other voltages than 230 V ac/50 Hz are available.


Part numbers

Parts Price Diameter IP class Length Max. torque Power Shaft diameter Speed options Type of gearbox Weight
51 mm IP40 42 mm 0,5 Nm 0,42 W 4 mm 0.33→60rpm Spur ovoid 0,16 kg
51 mm IP40 60 mm 2 Nm 0,42 W 6 mm 0→32rpm Spur double ovoid 0,25 kg
60 mm IP30 47 mm 3 Nm 0,42 W 8 mm 0.1→29rpm Spur 3Nm 0,44 kg
65 mm IP40 57 mm 5 Nm 0,42 W 8 mm 0.24→24rpm Spur RC65 0,48 kg
51 mm IP40 46 mm 0,5 Nm 1,12 W 4 mm 0.5→37rpm Spur ovoid 0,14 kg
51 mm IP40 64 mm 2 Nm 1,12 W 6 mm 0→15rpm Spur double ovoid 0,35 kg
60 mm IP00 59 mm 3 Nm 1,37 W 6 mm 0→12rpm Spur 3Nm 0,62 kg
65 mm IP40 77 mm 5 Nm 2,65 W 8 mm 0.1→20rpm Spur RC65 0,86 kg


Spur Ovoid gearmotor 0.42W 24→240Vac 0.33→60rpm 0.5Nm max 1D

Technical data

Diameter 51 mm
IP class IP40
Length 42 mm
Max. torque 0,5 Nm
Power 0,42 W
Shaft diameter 4 mm
Speed options 0.33→60rpm
Supply voltage 230 V AC
Type of gearbox Spur ovoid
Weight 0,16 kg

Measurements and connections

Technical illustrations

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