Sensors and Safety Sales Manager Daniel

Continued growth leads to new opportunity

OEM Automatic is proud to announce that Daniel Gent will start a new role within the company as Sensors and Safety Sales Manager.

The continued growth of one of OEM’s five business areas, Sensors & Safety has resulted in the creation of a brand new role within the company. The new Sales Manager will focus on the day to day management of the sales team and improving the processes behind the scenes. OEM has a history of internal promotion and has continued this trend with the appointment of Daniel Gent.

“I’ve been with OEM for five years and have been a Sales Engineer in several business areas. OEM has always prided itself on providing exceptional customer support. Recently however this dedication to our customers, coupled with increased sales, particularly in the Sensors and Safety department has meant that our Product Specialist’s time has been taken in providing support. A key aspect of my role will be to free up that time so we can continue to grow and develop new business opportunities whilst providing the same high level of service our customers have come to expect.”

Daniel has been on both sides of the phone having held a previous position as a Specialist Vehicle Builder.

“I’d like to think my previous experience of the working environments I now provide solutions for gives me special insight into a customer’s requirements. The growth we’ve seen means we have several new members of our team, I’m hoping I can be a reliable source of knowledge for them to lean on.”

Sensors and Safety Manager Gareth Ford is excited for Daniel to get started in his new role.

“The growth of Sensors and Safety as a business area has been fantastic. Development in the automation sector combined with OEM’s specialist industry knowledge puts us in a prime position to capitalise on new business opportunities. Daniel’s success as Sales Manager will be vital to ensure we meet our potential. We need to cultivate new business relationships whilst maintaining our commitment to our existing customers, which isn’t always easy.”

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