Kubler new products for 2022 brochure overview

Meet Kubler and its new 2022 products

Kubler’s products enable smart automation: Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory. Its focus is on products and solutions for measurement, transmission and evaluation.

Kubler’s products are to be found in these demanding sectors: drive technology, elevator technology, mobile automation, heavy industry, wind turbines, solar industry, the packaging industry and bottling plants. Their quality products build on their long experience in these sectors. Products have a high performance level and a long and reliable service life. 

Kubler is based in Germany with a worldwide presence. OEM is its sales partner in the UK.

New products to measure position, motion and inclination

Kubler’s measurement products include encoders, bearingless encoders, linear measurement, shaft copying systems and inclinometers.

The 2022 offering contains a host of new products. Some highlights include products meeting requirements for : 

  • safety applications – the optical absolute Sendix S58 PROFIsafe encoders with integrated web server
  • extreme environmental conditions – the compact Sendix M36xxR encoder (also available as single turn)
  • capturing linear movements rotationally – the quick and easy to install MWE21 measuring wheel system

There are more! So if your requirements aren’t in this list, please get in touch with us.

New products for transmission of power, signals and data

Kubler’s transmission products include slip rings, signal converters, and cables and connectors.

Slip ring solutions can be customised to meet your requirements with either contact or contactless transmission, and a choice of housing for protection from water spray, water jet and dust. 

Have a look at slip ring SRS250, a smart solution for Industry 4.0/IIoT. This has innovative contact tech and is particularly low-maintenance and durable. 

New products to evaluate a range of variables 

Kubler’s evaluation products include displays and counters, process devices and safe speed monitors. 

Have a look at the new 573T I-O link LCD display and process controllers. They have simple and versatile features, and clear benefits. With plain text programming, touch screen and no operation manual necessary, for example, you have simple and fast commissioning which is a clear saving of time and money. 

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