Crouzet just launched the smallest logic controller ever – Millenium Slim

With 100 years of engineering experience, Crouzet has managed to develop a pocket-sized, multipurpose logic controller. The Millenium Slim is the smallest logic controller on the market due to its 17.5 mm body, making the Millenium Slim 4 times slimmer than the original Millenium 3.

OEM is proud to add the smallest logic controller to our range.

Fitting in any control panel or machine, this logic controller supports DIN rail and panel mounting and is perfect for small-scale applications. Same as all existing Crouzet controllers, Slim is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

Made in Europe, certified to global standards such as CE, cULus Listed, NOM, RCM, UKCA and SCM.


Most automated applications are made possible with the Millenium Slim due to its interconnectivity and Bluetooth capability.

Pre-programmed applications:

  • Outdoor lighting
  • Gates and barriers
  • Heat pumps
  • Control maintenance periods
  • Staircase lighting
  • Irrigation

Plus many more...

Product news
Crouzet Millenium Slim the smallest logic controller ever

Why choose millenium slim?

1. Space reduction

The Millenium Slim fits in any control panel or machine due to its small size, making it four times smaller than logic controllers on the market and the ONLY logic controller with a 17.5mm width measurement.

If you are using this logic controller in a control panel, you will drastically reduce space. This is due to the Millenium Slim being multipurpose, eliminating the need for multiple in-struments in the control panel that a single controller can replace.

For DIN-rail and panel mounting, you can install the Millenium Slim in practically any place.

2. Multipurpose

Multiple components are replaced instantly by one single component, the Millenium Slim. This is achievable as there are several products in 1!

Consisting of:

  • Logic controllers
  • Counters
  • Timer relays
  • Signal converters
  • Pumps alternating
  • Time switches / weekly timers
  • Dimmers and lighting control
  • Temperature control
  • Data logger
  • 8 highly configurable I/Os (analog, digital, high-speed, PWM)

And more…

The perfect all-in-one solution.

3. Interconnectivity

What you can achieve with the Millenium Slim is quite practically endless. Options that you have not considered in the past can be achieved due to Bluetooth and interconnectivity.
One Millenium Slim can communicate with another without a complex setup or hard software configuration.

All powered by Bluetooth!

4. Simplicity

No programming cables are required to use this logic controller and maintenance is fast and straightforward due to removable connectors.

Powered by the easiest-to-use programming software “CrouzetSoft”, with an additional Crouzet Virtual Display available for any smartphone, tablet, and PC. Easy program transferring at a distance and a library of pre-programmed applications to quick-start your next automation project. 

All Crouzet software and apps are 100% FREE and instantly available to use.

To find out more about this captivating and intelligent new logic controller, contact [email protected].

See Crouzet's product video here and learn even more about the smallest logic controller ever!

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