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Millenium Slim

  • 8 Configurable I/O
  • 17.5 mm housing
  • 24 Vdc or 110-240 Vac supply
  • Relay or solid state outputs
  • Bluetooth for programming and Virtual Display

Product description


MilleniumSlim:The smallest logic controller ever!

MilleniumSlim is the only highly configurable and multipurpose industrial logic controller with a 17.5 mm (0.69") body, making it the smallest and easiest-to-use automation controller on the market, up to 4 times thinner than existing options. It fits in any control panel or machine and supports DIN rail and panel mounting. Perfect for small-scale applications, for both beginners and advanced users.

With 8 highly configurable I/Os (analog, digital, high-speed, PWM), this pocket-size logic controller can replace dozens of control panel products, such as other logic controllers, timers, counters, signal converters, temperature controllers, data loggers and many more.

MilleniumSlim can give simple wireless capabilities to your applications, communicating via Bluetooth without complex setup or software configurations.

Powered by the easiest-to-use programming software “CrouzetSoft”, a virtual display available for any smartphone, tablet, and PC. Easy program transferring at a distance and a library of plenty pre-programmed applications ready to quick-start your next automation project. All Crouzet software and apps are 100% FREE.


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Part numbers

Parts Price Number of inputs Number of outputs Supply voltage Display Programming method Program memory Program size Real time clock Output type Width
4 4 110-240 V AC Virtual Display Functionblock / SFC Flash 350 Function Blocks No Relay 17,5 mm
4 4 24 V DC Virtual Display Functionblock / SFC Flash 350 Function Blocks Solid State (including 2 PWM) 17,5 mm
4 4 24 V DC Virtual Display Functionblock / SFC Flash 350 Function Blocks Relay 17,5 mm


Crouzet Automation Millenium Slim Logic controllers and Nano PLC

Mill Slim CB8R-AC 8I/O 110-240Vac

Technical data

General data

Number of inputs 4
Number of outputs 4
Supply voltage 110-240 V AC
Display Virtual Display
Programming method Functionblock / SFC
Program memory Flash
Program size 350 Function Blocks
Real time clock No
Output type Relay

Other technical data

Width 17,5 mm
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