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Heating using loop heaters by Stego

An innovative, loop style heating body for enclosure heating has been added to our range under convection heaters! STEGO presents the NEW loop heaters, with 5 heater types and power from 10 to 150W. Why should you opt for loop heaters? Read more to find out…

Great for rail and mobile applications

These loop heaters can be used for rail and mobile applications due to its ability to handle shock and vibrations.

How do loop heaters prevent condensation inside your control cabinet?

Initially, the aim of the heaters is to protect electric and electronic components against humidity, which could cause short circuits. Heating the air inside the cabinet avoids fluctuations in temperature and controls humidity. The main reason loop heaters should be chosen is because of its ability to absorb heat, due to use of aluminium body.

This newest enclosure heater by STEGO, has a complete new heating body named the Loop Heater. See the images and facts below:

  • No fewer than 5 series featuring the new body are launched in the market
  • The compact loop profile has a heating power between 10 and 50 W
  • Larger loop profiles have a heating capacity of 50 to 150 W


Product news

Why you should choose loop heaters

It’s innovative aluminium profile strip

This is the most beneficial product and design feature as the aluminium profile strip forms part of the body. The name ‘loop’ was given due to the shape of the heaters with a figure-of-eight look!

The aluminium profile ultimately gives users improved and uniform heat transmittion, due to its ability to absorb heat from the PTC heating elements.

It’s quick and easy installation

All of the loop heaters come with a clip which can be attached to a 35mm DIN rail for quick assembly. Installation time is reduced by 50% due to the pressure clamp connection, and cables with rigid wires and ferrules can be connected without any tools.

It’s safety

Additionally, the loop heaters are secure due to the clamps exerting constant pressure on the cables, useful when transporting pre-assembled control cabinets. For example, connecting cables will not become loose during operation.

The LTS 064, LT 065 and LTF 065 series are also designed to be touch-safe. Their light grey, insulated plastic housings keep the surface temperature under 80°C, protecting those during maintenance and preventing burns in the event of accidental contact.

It can save you money

In particular, the LTF 065 loop heater series has an integrated tamper-proof thermostat, so you don’t need a separate thermostat when controlling temperature!
STEGO products are approved and safety certified independently by globally recognised testing institutes such as VDE, UL and EAC.

It is shock and vibration-proof

The loop heaters are shock and vibration-proof and have the approvals to prove it. The innovative loop profile allows the heater to be assembled in a completely new way: rather than being pressed together, the heating body and heating element are firmly interlocked by the spring action exerted by the loop profile.

The elastic property of the aluminium profile is leveraged to maintain a strong force on the heating elements at all times, even in the event of temperature cycles during operation, and to ensure constant heating power throughout the heater’s service life. 

The effort that went into this design has been well worth it: all touch-safe loop heaters, i.e. the LT 065, LTF 065 and LTS 064 series, have been successfully tested for shock and vibration resistance in accordance with the standards DIN EN 60068-2-27:2010-02 and DIN EN 60068-2-64:2009-04 in relation to the standard DIN EN IEC 61373:2011-04, cat. 1 B. or wind power. 


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