Lumel N32 digital panel meter


Lumel has expanded within its digital meter range! The successful N30 series is now being accompanied by the N32 - which consists of 4 different types of meters for various processes.

LUMEL over the years

65 years of business means that LUMEL has perfected their digital meter range alongside other ranges within industrial automation, including network parameter meters and analysers; quantity transducers, recorders and data loggers; analogue meters and many more, which serve the purpose of helping businesses cut costs.

N32 Series in detail

Following on from the successful N30 series, this addition will be setting standards for all digital meters. You can choose from 4 main types to fit your needs:

N32U - already well established and extremely popular as it is designed for standard signals, temperature and resistance.

N32H - made for DC circuit parameters.

N32P - for single-phase power network parameters.

N32O - designed for pulses, frequency and rotational speed (also works with encoders), measuring instantaneous and total value.

N30 and the new N32

Compared with the original and successful N30, the N32 is designed to be 10 times faster, increasing efficiency massively. This series also includes the pre-installed RS-485, which can save you money from installing separately. 

The interesting features

Not forgetting the high contrast display, this series includes 1 of 7 different modes, and you can also record minimum and maximum values as memory. You can also have 1 or 4 relay outputs signalling on display too. One of the additional features is that you can get free ECON software from LUMEL themselves – another helpful bonus!


See the new N32 range below or contact our panel team for more information - [email protected] and see alternative ways to contact us here.

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