EVolution EMC Cable Glands fit for the Electromobility Market

Agro has undoubtedly fulfilled the term Evolution, with their newest release of the ‘EVolution’ EMC cable glands. Agro describes the new EMC Evolution cable glands as The best of both worlds: connectors and cable glands.  The EVolution EMC® cable gland not only satisfies the most demanding operational requirements; they are designed to be installed very quickly and reliably. 

Agro’s new EMC technology, developed for the electromobility market, is suitable for all electromobility cable gland applications. 

In the past, EMC cable glands would fulfil several requirements, but it was tough to achieve success in each area of electromobility. Agro has closely focused on the electromobility market and developed EMC technology to create the new EVolution EMC cable gland.

The introduction of modern electric drive trains and various components in the high-voltage vehicle electrical system increased demand for a better EMC solution. 

In the ongoing transformation of mobility towards CO2-neutral drive systems, hybrid or fully electric vehicles are undoubtedly at the centre of the action. Public transport, mobile machinery, agricultural vehicles, yachts and ships are vehicles that could potentially transition to CO2-neutral drive systems. Whether the vehicles are battery-powered or of the fuel cell type, e-mobility is a megatrend of today’s world.

So, what's new?

What makes the Evolution EMC gland stand out from regular cable glands? It is the first cable gland with a crimped and ‘pluggable’ EMC shield contact solution. A top-quality cable gland, but easily disconnectable. 

Secondly, the best of both worlds is achieved, as this is the first EMC cable gland designed to facilitate maintenance and repair. During maintenance work, the sealing insert can be replaced without having to disconnect the cable. 

High currents often occur in the motor supply cables, which, due to the high switching frequencies from the DC/DC converter, also burden the high-voltage vehicle electrical system with high-frequency interference. Now, Agro has developed this cable gland to maintain high functionality, efficiency and reliability. 

The Evolution EMC cable gland is designed for the highest shielding currents for all high-voltage cable types and engine-power classes.

Installing and maintaining

Safety is paramount for the automotive industry. For vehicle installation, the cables can be pre-assembled at a workbench quickly and easily. You can watch the video to see how easily the new EMC cable glands are to install and maintain. A torque wrench is not even required for this, and the connection tightness is still ensured. 

Not only this, as explained above, during maintenance, the sealing insert can be replaced without disconnecting the cable.

Product news

See the video below for more information on the EVolution EMC Cable Glands:

See the video below for assembly of EVolution EMC Cable Glands:

Reasons why to choose the AGRO EMC Cable Glands:

  • Significant time and cost savings during maintenance or repair work
  • Reliably meets the most demanding operational requirements
  • Very high shield current carrying capacity
  • High shielding attenuation
  • Lead-free brass, < 0.1% lead content (meets future RoHS directive)
  • System solution tailored to cable size
  • High reliability of cable processing thanks to the hand-held device used (shield connection, crimping, assembly)
  • AXI-PRESS crimping tool as a battery-powered hand-held device with appropriate inserts
  • System solution that supports traceability (assembly process + product)

How the EMC gland works with the connector and cable glands:

  1. Push the cable lug through
  2. Insert the contact sleeve
  3. Slide over the sealing insert
  4. Tighten the pressure nut
  5. Tighten until fully sealed

No other cable gland would be able to achieve this level of reliability!

If you are one of those interested in the new EVolution EMC gland technology, contact [email protected].

Use the table below to find the right EVolution EMC Gland:


Cable type

 Huber + Suhner

CoroFlex 9-2611

Kromberg + Schubert

Leoni Silitherm FHLR2GCB2G 

16mm²  35mm² 50mm² 70mm²  95mm² 120mm²  16mm² 95mm² 35mm² 50mm² 70mm²  120mm²

Thread size

 M20  View  View          View    View      
 M25    View  View  View          View  View  View  
 M32        View  View  View    View      View  View

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