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Cable Type Coroflex9-2611 16mm² M20

  • Based on Cable Type Coroflex9-261116mm²
  • Crimped and pluggable EMC Shield contact solution
  • Designed for the highest shielding currents for all high-voltage cable types and engine-power classes.

Product description

Agros new EVolution EMC Cable Gland is based off of a wide range of competitor glands.

Below is the list of part number required to make complete EVolution EMC Cable Gland.


Cable Type Coroflex 9-2611 16mm2


Compression nut: Art. Nr: 1089.20.01LF

Sealing insert: Art. Nr: 1089.

Supporting ring: Art. Nr: 1089.103.05

Contact sleeve: Art. Nr: 1089.20.103.04

Lower part short version: Art. Nr: 1089.20.02LF

Lower part long version: Art. Nr: 1189.20.02LF

Compression insert tool: Art. Nr: 4801.20.01

Flange insert tool: Art. Nr: 4801.103.01


Part numbers

Parts Price IP class Temperature range Pack size
IP68, IP6K9K -40°C ... +140°C 25
-40°C ... +140°C 25
-40°C ... +140°C 25


Sealing Insert

Sealing insert Type Coroflex9-2611 M20

Technical data

General Data

Thread Size (G) M20
IP class IP68, IP6K9K


Temperature range -40°C ... +140°C

Additional Data

Pack size 25
Additional features Solution for Coroflex9-2611
Cross section 16 mm²


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