Conta-Clip PRK push-in terminals on din rail

Modular Terminal Block with push-in connections system – Conta-Clip PRK

Conta-Clip are global technology leaders within the DIN rail terminal industry. They are constantly expanding their ranges to meet customer requirements. Their newest expansion is to the popular push-in connection terminal, the PRK. It’s now available in sizes from 1.5mm², that are only 3.5mm wide up to 6 mm². 

There are some distinct advantages of the PRK series of push-in terminal blocks.

The time needed for wiring is significantly reduced as no tools are required when inserting solid wires or wires with wire-end ferrules. The quick-release pusher for the inserted wires can be actuated with gentle pressure despite the high contact force of the push-in spring.

Accidental false insertions are prevented by the PRK, unlike conventional push-in terminals, because it clearly separates the insertion channels from the pusher position. All potentials have a test pick-off for easy measurements. The PRK series’ feed-through and protective-earth terminals will be extended to cover six rated cross-section ranges from 1.5 mm² to 16 mm² in two-, three- and four-wire connection variants.

This product line is supplemented by multi-level terminals and the PVMAK motor-connection terminals with 4-wire terminating connections for the rated cross-section 2.5 mm².

Why use a push-in connection system, such as the Conta-Clip PRK? 

  • 4 cross sections and multi-level terminals
  • Save time on installation with tool-free connections
  • Low mating force
  • 1.5 mm² to 6 mm²
  • Built-in push button cable release
  • Wire cross sections from 0.14 mm² to 6 mm²
  • Double and triple deck versions
  • Flexible cross connection system
  • Test pick off point
  • Range of marking and labelling options
  • 10 mm² and 16 mm² version will follow

As well as the PRK range, Conta-Clip manufacture a whole host of DIN rail terminals, see the full range here. And our panel product specialists are also on hand to answer any questions you may have: [email protected]

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