Safety first! BACO’S emergency stop solutions

Safety always comes first. If there is an emergency it’s essential to have a completely reliable stop device.

BACO are specialists in emergency stop solutions and offer the largest selection of E-stop devices in the industry. Safety, innovation and optimisation have been honed to a sharp edge by listening to users’ needs and watching them work. 

  • On all heads, rotation is prevented by a tab which retracts when not required
  • Insulating material ensures electrical safety
  • Design and shape help avoid build-up of dirt and make the switch easy to clean
  • Options for illuminated emergency stop mushroom head
  • ISO 13850 illuminated mushroom head has a yellow collar for side-on visual indication
  • Optimised ergonomic design
  • Optimised dimensions of low-profile heads

BACO’s ISO 13850 mushroom heads meet IEC standards for emergency stop actuators

IEC 60947-5-5 says that the emergency stop function can be provided by an ISO 13850 mushroom head combined with a ‘positive opening’ NC contact block.

The BACO ISO 13850 mushroom head is designed so that a ‘push’ action of sufficient force to open the contact will trigger an irreversible locking of this opening. This generates an emergency stop signal which can be cancelled only by deliberate manual resetting of the mushroom head (by pull, turn or unlocking by key).

The ISO 13850 mushroom heads also comply with the safety requirements listed in this standard. 

BACO mushroom head E-stops – fact file

  • All plastic construction
  • Available in 30mm and 22mm hole mounting 
  • Mushroom heads are 32 mm, 40mm, 54mm and 70mm (with some illuminated options)
  • Latching heads have options to reset by pull, turn or key 
  • Meet ISO 13850  and IEC 60947-5-5 standards
  • Wide range of contacts, clips, enclosures, E-stop legends, guards and shrouds available

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BACO and OEM Automatic

BACO is OEM Automatic’s third biggest supplier. This is the range we carry.

As always, the Panel team is very happy to discuss your particular requirements. 

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