Electromen EM-241 motor drive for DC motor control

A family of drives: ELECTROMEN EM-241 for DC Motor Control

When you have a motor requirement, it is often common to focus on the motor alone and fail to consider the part played by the drive. However, drives are vital components. Drives can enhance and improve your motors system by enabling additions to straightforward motion control.

If you are looking to control DC brushed motors, the Electromen EM-241 range will likely have a product that will provide an excellent fit for you. These programmable drives have options for closed loop feedback to provide accurate control of your speed or position preferences. The EM-241 drive range has been developed to work with brushed DC motors in a wide range of applications where special functions are needed. 

So, let's look into the EM-241 family of motor drives…

About Electromen

Electromen are a power electronics company, specialising in motor control products. They are based in Tuku, Finland and have been designing and manufacturing customised control and electronic measurement products since 1988.

Their core range includes drives for brushed DC and brushless DC motors, stepper motors, DC linear actuators, and the list can go on…


Applications vary widely and include - agricultural machinery; access control; door and canopy automation; lifts, material handling and essentially anything that requires brushed DC motor control.

Very low RF emissions make the range highly suited to a medical environment, as there is no need to use external ferrite filters to achieve the necessary low RFI levels needed for medical environments. 

For higher power applications Electromen offer drives beyond the EM-241 range with very similar functionality that can handle up to 100A. See the full range of motor drives OEM has to offer here.

Why would you use this drive?

Several important reasons could lead you to this answer. Electromen programmable drives offer a broad scope of adjustments with the stock firmware. 

Let's look into some of the main points:


Control is the most common use for a motor drive - drives control speed and direction with voltage and polarity, and of course torque, with current control. The drive can provide discrete or continuous control with adjustable end limits and start/stop ramps to ensure smooth motion and reduced mechanical stress.

Depending on the model, they can provide positional control using hall sensor pulses or potentiometer feedback. Fault output behaviour can also be adjusted to provide feedback to the rest of the control system and RS485 mod bus communication is also an option on some units.

A joystick controlled version of the drive, EM-241C-JS1 is available for joystick based DC motor control applications.

Safety & Motor Protection

Safety is always a crucial design consideration and using a drive protects the motor windings from burnout. More importantly, it can also protect the end-user of the finished product by preventing trap points or dangerous running conditions. The mechanism controlled by the drive can be set to stop or auto-reverse on stop when the over-current limit is reached.

Take a look at the Electromen EM-241 Family

Within the EM-241 family, there are 5 principal options shown below.

 Part Number Description Comments
EM-241C DC Motor Controller 12/24 V DC, 15A Standard 12-24V Version, 15A current handling
EM-241C-48 DC Motor Controller 24/48 V DC, 10A 48V Version, 10A current handling
EM-241B-PLI DC Motor Controller 12/24 V DC, 15A, pulse feedback With hall sensor pulse count for setting travel end points
EM-241-SAF Positioning Driver 12-24V, 15A, analogue feedback Positional control with analogue feedback from a potentiometer
EM-241-SPF Positioning Driver 12-24V, 15A, pulse feedback Positional control with pulse count feedback from a hall sensor
EM-241C-JS1 DC Motor Controller 12/24 V DC, 15A
 Standard 12-24V Version, 15A current handling, joystick controlled

Beyond these, customisation is available if required to tailor the drive's characteristics to suit a specific application. We will address whether firmware or hardware modification is required during the project analysis stage, the drives can also be supplied pre-programmed to save time during manufacturing.

Why deal with OEM?

Every situation will differ. You may require a specific type of motor drive or be unsure about which product to go for from the Electromen EM-241 family.

Working with OEM means we can discuss your application and usage to select the most suitable motor and drive combination for you.

Our technical team will provide you with support on the best solution by working with you to find what's best for your application.

Not forgetting that our pricing offer is always competitive, we can offer Electromen stock for immediate delivery and can get your project started!

Did you know about our OEM Technical Workshop?

Our own dedicated workshop can provide added value adaptations for motor products like the Electromen 241 Drive and create bespoke solutions tailored to the customers' specification, including quality control and testing. For more information, you can read about our added value service here.

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