What the OEM Automatic and Zoedale integration means for you

Zoedale Ltd has been fully integrated into OEM Automatic for a few months now, and we are confident in providing better services for new and existing customers. 

The integration aims are to provide customers with a broader choice of products, better technical support and more efficient processes than ever offered.

Zoedale earnt its reputation due to its offering of valves and actuated products, solving most flow control problems. Thanks to this integration, we have taken on 16 new pressure, flow and level instrumentation brands. 

We take you through some of the benefits the integration can bring to you. 


Company news
OEM Automatics semi-automated logistics warehouse
Meet customers need with an expanded logistics footprint

Receive products efficiently with our 1000sqm, centrally located warehouse in the Midlands.
Zoedale now has access to a wider range of over 100 suppliers and partners, holding over 8,500 items in our warehouse on any given day.

OEM Automatic customer support team answering calls and enquiries
faster responses with a larger in-house team

Our customer support and warehouse team have expanded, so your query can be handled effectively and efficiently.
With more sales and product managers, they can work together to provide the best solution for your business.

OEM Automatics internal salesmen Sam and Conor
You'll still speak to your original point of contact

Your original contact is available and can work with you just as they did previously.
The only change is that they’ll have access to a broader portfolio of products with skilled technical advice and capability, giving you the best options available.

selection of OEM Automatic products from all product areas, including some products from newly integrated Zoedale Ltd
Access to a wider range of products and brands

Whether you initially worked with brands under OEM Automatic or Zoedale, you'll now have access to an additional 16 brands. A more comprehensive range allows you to choose the most effective option.
Have access to our additional business areas such as electric motors, control panel components, machine vision and code reading, sensing and safety equipment – which all aid in a successful production line.

Everything you need to know about Zoedale can be found on our dedicated Zoedale page here: www.oem.co.uk/zoedale

If you have a query about the integration or want to get in touch with one of your representatives, email [email protected]

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