Ensto industrial enclosures built for harsh weather

Industrial enclosures built for harsh weather conditions

Some industrial enclosures are built to withstand some of the harshest weather conditions and seasons. In this article, we will explore some examples of industrial enclosures being used in major city schemes and networks.

Ensto is known for its rugged, high quality and customisable industrial enclosures.  Their enclosure range is designed and verified to function in various applications without forgetting harsh weather conditions. Recommended industrial enclosures for this application include the Cubo range as they are designed to be used in extreme conditions and can be adapted to your specification. We’ll also explain the customised offering that Ensto and OEM provide customers.


Listed below are a range of applications where the Ensto Cubo enclosure has been specified. 

Cellular Network Base Stations

Cellular network base stations are an example of where Ensto clients have required industrial enclosures for use in harsh weather conditions. Ensto can customise the industrial enclosures by adapting cable glands and even terminals. 

This application led to many installations of the enclosures over Finland for cellular network base stations.

Smart Poles

Smart poles offer many Smart City technologies, including electric car/vehicle (EV) charging units, intercoms, panic buttons, CCTV, Audio Speakers, WiFi access points (5G Included), Mobile equipment and weather and air quality sensors. They require a rugged and reliable electrical enclosure that can protect all the electronics of the pole.

Junction Boxes

Junction boxes are used in a wide range of applications to protect and insulate electronic connections and they require a reliable and weather-resistant enclosure.

Solco Pyrolec chose OEM Automatic to build and supply bespoke junction boxes complete with Ensto enclosures and Conta-Clip terminals. The OEM workshop facilities mean that we can provide customised control panel solutions to your exact requirements.  Our workshop had designed the SP-JBL box to accommodate power, heating cable entry and connection easily.

Industrial enclosures for harsh weather conditions

Choosing a suitable industrial enclosure for systems in harsher weather conditions means the material used must be strong and robust, especially as an enclosure protects valuable apparatus from the conditions on the outside. Protection will be the most significant factor in deciding which enclosure to go for, due to the weather conditions.

We can offer different types of enclosures with specifications that could meet your application; however, it is best to speak to our panel team, who will advise you.

OEM recommend polycarbonate enclosures, mainly due to the properties being up to IP67, giving them a high degree of protection. The polycarbonate material is designed for harsh conditions, making them fit for purpose. Ultimately, enclosures are simply boxes that hold and protect components.


Enstos' Cubo range compromises of a wide range of different models based on your requirements, also included are Polybox and UL-Listed enclosures.

Ensto provides three different sizes of the enclosure which can be small, medium and large sizes.

Below we have the range of Ensto part products, numbers ending in G have grey lids and those ending In T have transparent lids.

Cubo O is a series of medium to large enclosures with plain sides, metric knockouts, flange knockouts and are ready to assemble. Here are the recommended part numbers:

  • OPCP203013G
  • OPCP203013T

Cubo D coverings are small enclosures with ABS / Polycarbonate material. The unvariated casing with smooth sides are available in both ABS and polycarbonate. The transparent cover is always in polycarbonate material.

  • DPCP162412G
  • DPCP122009T

Cubo S are small to medium enclosures with knockouts and smooth sides.

  • SPCP131808G
  • SPCP181808T
  • SPCM181808T – This part number has metric knockouts (holes) in the sides already.

Customised Enclosures with our OEM workshop

Ensto offers fully customisable enclosures ranging from predrilled holes to custom coloured raw material, silk screen printing, and even pre-assembled junction boxes. Simply send us a drawing of your desired box and Ensto can make single piece samples to ensure everything meets your requirements.

Our in house technical workshop can assemble components to your exact specification or need. The panel product specialists are on hand to make ordering bespoke or standard components easy for you. 

You can find out more about our added value workshop service here

We hope that this article can relate to your application and give you an insight into enclosure uses in difficult climates. For more information, you can contact our panel team at [email protected]

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