ESI GD4200-USB pressure sensor and software for data logging

Importance of leak testing with the GD4200-USB

More than a billion leak tests are carried out on critical components every year across many different industries. Leak testing is performed using pressure to check a system for leaks and defects, such as cracks, holes or bad seals.

Leak testing helps to ensure the proper function and maintenance of industrial systems and pipelines, as well as to improve system and product design. 

However, there are a number of factors in the leak testing process that can prevent precise readings. The GD4200-USB helps to erase a range of those factors by being highly accurate, and giving a visual PASS/FAIL indicator, removing potential human error issues. Being able to leak test up to 16 units at once by simply connecting to a PC can speed up and simplify the whole leak testing process and reduce the production and testing time for components. In turn, production costs can be reduced, while still ensuring a reliable pass or fail result for each component tested.


leak test fail

leak test pass

ESI Technology developed the leak testing feature, working with major global manufacturers to deliver exactly what industry requires in the leak testing process, while still maintaining ease of use and an economical price tag. And of course, with another feature of the ESI-USB software, a printed report can be kept for the records or even for shipment with the tested unit(s).

All current users will get the new leak test feature as part of the auto update facility.

Quick, Simple and Fool Proof

Carrying out a leak test using the ESI-USB software is just as matter of following five easy steps;

  1. Choose the desired duration and tolerance of the leak test 
  2. Start the standard pressure test
  3. When you're ready, start the leak test
  4. You can view the tolerance levels on the graph screen, which are marked by dotted red lines. The duration of the leak test is also shown.
  5. When the leak test ends, a pass or fail will pop up.

Done! View a quick demo on YouTube to see for yourself how quick and easy it is.

ESI Technology are proud to be at the forefront of the industry leading USB Pressure Transducer technology. The ESI-USB user interface is constantly updated and improved with new features designed to make pressure measurement easy in any scenario.

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