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ASCO - Sentronic Digital - Programmable proportional valve

  • Rapid and accurate pressure regulation
  • Regulation range up to 50 bar
  • Large charge and exhaust capacity
  • Programmable for optimal function

Product description

Sentronic Digital proportional valve is an electrically controlled pressure regulator. Pressure regulation is proportional to an analogue control signal. The valve has internal feedback via an inbuilt pressure sensor, which means that the valve continuously adjusts itself to the setpoint value. The valve is direct operating, which gives a rapid response and makes it very suitable for dynamic applications. The valve's non-corrosive bellows sealing gives minimal internal friction, which in turn gives low hysteresis and long service life. Sentronic Digital is suitable for all types of regulation application and is available in many different versions. The valve can be optimised using DaS software. All the parameters that control the valve's performance can be adjusted to achieve optimal functionality in every application. The valve is also ATEX class.

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