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Aplisens - SGE-25 Smart Level Sensor


  • 1..100mH2O
  • 4-20mA & HART protocol
  • ATEX option
  • Marine certification (DNV) option

Product description

The SGE-25 hydrostatic level probe measures liquid levels in tanks, deep wells or piezometers.  Its specialised design means it can measure water levels in very narrow conditions.


Its operation is based on a simple relationship between the height of the liquid column and the resulting hydrostatic pressure.  Applications include pumping stations, fermentation chambers, settling tanks, borehole levels and ponds.


When the probe is lowered to the reference level it can either hang freely or lie on the bottom.  If there is a possibility of turbulence in the tank (for example mixer operation or a turbulent inflow) then the probe should be installed inside a screening tube (e.g. made of PVC).  Cleaning the probe diaphragm by mechanical means is strictly prohibited.  The SGE-25 uses HART protocol and can be configured using the following metrological parameters:


  • Units of pressure
  • Start and end-points of the set range
  • Damping time constant
  • Invert the output signal (.i.e. 20-4mA)



Through the data interchange with the probe you can also:


  • Identify the probe
  • Read the hydrostatic pressure value, output current and percentage of measuring range


Options include Exia, thread on cable entry, titanium wetted parts, DNV approval, cable options and higher temperature rating.


Part numbers

Parts Price Cable length Material cable Pressure range max
5 m PUR 1 mH2O
10 m PUR 1 mH2O
10 m PUR 1,6 mH2O
10 m PUR 2 mH2O
10 m PUR 2,5 mH2O
10 m PUR 4 mH2O
7 m PUR 4 mH2O
10 m PUR 6 mH2O
10 m PUR 10 mH2O
15 m PUR/halogen free 10 mH2O
20 m PUR 10 mH2O


Aplisens SGE-25 industrial level sensor

0..1mH2O, 4-20mA/Hart, 5m PU cable

Technical data

Cable length 5 m
Deviation max 0,1 %
IP class IP68
Material cable PUR
Material of body Stainless steel 316L
Material of wetted parts Hastelloy C, Stainless Steel SIS2350 (316L)
Pressure range max 1 mH2O
Pressure range min 0 mH2O
Signal type 4-20 mA / Hart
Supply voltage dc max 55 V DC
Supply voltage dc min 7,5 V DC
Temperature of media from -30 °C
Temperature of media to 40 °C


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