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Accessories - VNR series

Control units for SL model

  • One or two channel design
  • 10-250 µS sensitivity range
  • Changeover (SPDT)

Product description

The VNR21/22 control units are designed as interface for the SL series (conductive level probes). These electronic units are used to control liquids that have a minimum electrical conductivity of 1 µS.


The system is based on measurement of the conductivity of the liquid to be controlled and works with low potential and with alternating currents, in order to avoid the incrustation of the electrodes and/or perforation of the tank normally caused by the use of direct currents, which cause a galvanic action on materials. The contact of the electrode with the liquid under control determines the actuation of a relay inside the control unit and it is possible to drive any alarm system and/or actuator. By using multiple probes and multiple control units, appropriately connected, a system of dosage and safety can be made.

Part numbers

Parts Price Manufacturer part no.


1xSPDT - for use with Conductive level switch Type SLP

Technical data

Manufacturer part no. VNR.2100

Measurements and connections

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