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Tecnoplastic - Float switch - Supertec

  • Maximum depth 40 meters
  • Single or double function
  • Up to 60°C
  • Double chamber design

Product description

The Supertec level switch is resistant to high pressure due to its special double chamber construction. This level regulator is for more specialist requirements such deep tanks or where extra protection and integrity are a must.


  • Drainage plants
  • Pumping stations
  • Dirty water systems

Part numbers

Parts Price Cable length Cable type Counterweight included Function
10 m H05RN-F No Changeover (SPDT)
5 m H07RN-F No N/O & N/C
10 m H07RN-F No N/O & N/C
15 m H07RN-F No N/O & N/C
20 m H07RN-F No N/O & N/C
5 m H07RN-F No Changeover (SPDT)
10 m H07RN-F No Changeover (SPDT)
15 m H07RN-F No Changeover (SPDT)
20 m H07RN-F No Changeover (SPDT)
5 m H05RN-F No Changeover (SPDT)
15 m H05RN-F No Changeover (SPDT)
20 m H05RN-F No Changeover (SPDT)
5 m H07RN-F Yes N/O & N/C
10 m H07RN-F Yes N/O & N/C
15 m H07RN-F Yes N/O & N/C
20 m H07RN-F Yes N/O & N/C
5 m H07RN-F Yes Changeover (SPDT)
10 m H07RN-F Yes Changeover (SPDT)
15 m H07RN-F Yes Changeover (SPDT)
20 m H07RN-F Yes Changeover (SPDT)
5 m H05RN-F Yes Changeover (SPDT)
10 m H05RN-F Yes Changeover (SPDT)
15 m H05RN-F Yes Changeover (SPDT)
20 m H05RN-F Yes Changeover (SPDT)


Double function, H05 RNF, 10M cable

Technical data

Activation angle 45 °
Approvals CE, TÜV
Cable length 10 m
Cable type H05RN-F
Counterweight included No
Depth max 40 m
Function Changeover (SPDT)
Insulation class I-II
IP class IP68
Material of float Polypropylene
Operating temperature to 60 °C
Rated current 8 A
Specific gravity 0.7 kg/dm³
Supply voltage 250 V

Measurements and connections

Technical illustrations


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