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Plug In Timer 8 Pin

Chronos 2 Series

  • Single or Multi-Function
  • Multi time range 0.1 sec – 10 hrs
  • Wide supply voltage range options
  • 1 or 2 x 8A rated relay contacts

Product description

What is a timer?


A timer is a simple automation component which is used to manage actions over a period

of time or control how long actions last.The timer is a control device which triggers an

action according to a time and a function. After a predefined time has elapsed, the timer

closes or opens one or more contacts.


Timing cycles, whether single shot or repetitive, are started by latching inputs or pulsed inputs,

allowing a wide variety of functions to be created.


To execute which actions?


A timer can be used to trigger an action according to a predefined time. It can also be used to stagger actions over a period of time.


In any time-related application, the timer can play a role and can be

used to:


• Run installations according to times that can be adjusted by the user.

• Calibrate a machine running time.

• Allow or prevent an action.

• Delay an action.

• Manage stopping/starting of a motor, pump, etc. (star delta).

• Make an LED flash.


Crouzet timer features;


  • Available in mono- or multifunction  versions (analogue or digital, with or without latching), to meet the specific needs of each application.
  • A timing range of up to 9,999 hrs to cope with prolonged processing operations.
  • A range of power supplies from 12 to 240 V in one unit for optimised stocks.
  • Recognised quality and reliability ensures the correct operation of equipment.


Where are they found?


In electrical cabinets associated with other automation products for the following markets;


  • Food industry
  • Industrial automation systems
  • Lighting
  • Building equipment
  • HVAC
  • Small or large industrial machines




Controlling heat sealing times on blister packs, packing bags etc. (MUR1, MXR1)


Illuminated signs;


Managing flashing on automated signs. (TMR48L)




Time management for delay start up or shut down. (S-Series, TMR48, Timer 81X)


Heat pumps;


Managing compressor start up (anti-short cycle). (S-series timer)


Ice maker;


Managing the duration of refrigeration. (TUR1)


Vending machines;


Time management of product delivery. (TMR48, Timer 81X)


Lighting for mobile homes;


Managing the duration of outdoor lighting odf a mobile home if the light switch is left on. (MXR)


Machine tools;


Control of maintenance periods. (TMR48, Timer 81X)


Sensing on assembly lines;


Managing the operation between a conveyor belt based on the time interval between productions on the belt. (MCR1)


Remote machinery;


Managing maintenance of the power supply in the event of a mains power failure, switching on an external back-up power source at a given time. (TK2R1)


Technical Information


Timing ranges (7 ranges)

1 s - 10 s - 1 min - 10 min - 1 h - 10 h - 100 h TK2R1 : 0.6s - 2.5s - 20s - 160 s

Repetition accuracy with constant parameters

± 0.5 % (IEC/EN 1812-1)

Drift Temperature

± 0,05 % / °C

Drift Voltage

± 0.2 % / V

Display accuracy according to IEC/EN 61812-1

± 10 % / 25 °C

Minimum pulse duration typically (relay version)

30 ms

Minimum pulse duration typically (solid state version)

50 ms

Minimum pulse duration typically (relay version under load)

100 ms

Maximum reset time by de-energisation typically (relay version)

100 ms

Maximum reset time by de-energisation typically (solid state version)

350 ms

Immunity from micro power cuts : typical

> 10 ms


Multi-voltage power supply

Depending on version

Frequency (Hz)

50 / 60

Operating range

85 to 110 % Un (85 to 120 % Un for 12V AC/DC)

Operating factor

100 %

Max. absorbed power

0,6 W 24 V AC/DC 1,5 W 230 V AC 32 VA 230 V AC

Output specification

1 or 2 changeover relays, AgNi (cadmium-free)

2000 VA/80 W

Rated power

2000 VA/80 W

Maximum breaking current

8 A AC 8A DC

Minimum breaking current

10 mA / 5 V DC

Voltage breaking capacity

250 V AC/ DC

Electrical life (operations)

10 5 operations 8 A 250 V resistive

Mechanical life (operations)


Breakdown voltage acc. to IEC/EN 61812-1

2.5 kV /1 min / 1 mA / 50 Hz

Impulse voltage acc. to IEC/EN 60664-1, IEC/EN 61812-1

5 kV, wave 1.2 / 50 μs

General characteristics

Conformity to standards

IEC/EN 61812-1 IEC/EN 61000-6-1 IEC/EN 61000-6-2 IEC/EN 61000-6-3 IEC/EN 61000-6-4



Temperature limits use (°C)

-20 →+60

Temperature limits stored (°C)

-30 →+60

Installation category (acc. to IEC/EN 60664-1)

Voltage surge category

Creepage distance and clearance acc. to IEC/EN 60664-1

4 kV / 3

Protection (IEC/EN 60529)

IP 20

IP 40

Degree of protection acc. to IEC/EN 60529 Front face (except Tk2R1)

IP 50

Vibration resistance acc. to IEC/EN 60068-2-6

f = 10 •55 Hz A = 0,35 mm

Relative humidity no condensation acc. to IEC/EN 60068-2-30

93 % without condensation

Electromagnetic compatibility - Immunity to electrostatic discharges acc to IEC/EN 61000-4-2

Level III (Air 8 KV / Contact 6 KV)

Immunity to radiated, radio-frequency, electromagnetic field acc. IEC/EN 61000-4-3

Level III 10V/m (80 M Hz to 1 G Hz)

Immunity to rapid transient bursts acc. to IEC/EN 61000-4-4

Level III (direct 2kV / Capacitive coupling clamp 1 KV)

Immunity to shock waves on power supply acc. to IEC/EN 61000-4-5

Level III (2 KV / common mode 2 KV/residual current mode 1KV)

Immunity to radio frequency in common mode acc. to IEC/EN 61000-4-6

Level III (10V rms : 0.15 M Hz to 80 M Hz)

Immunity to voltage dips and breaks acc. to IEC/EN 61000-4-11

30 %/10 ms 60 %/100 ms > 95 %/5 s

Mains-borne and radiated emissions acc. to EN 55022 (CISPR22), EN55011 (CISPR11)

Class B

Fixing : Symmetrical DIN rail

35 mm

Connection capacity - without ferrule

2 x 2,5 mm2

Connection capacity - with ferrule

2 x 1,5 mm2

Spring terminals, 2 terminals per connection point - flexible wire

1,5 mm2

Spring terminals, 2 terminals per connection point - rigid wire

2,5 mm2

Housing material


Weight : plug-in casing

80 g



Dimensions and Wiring







Part Numbers


Time Functions

Nominal Rating



Supply Voltage

Part Numbers



A - At - B - C - H - Ht - Di - D - Ac - Bw


2 timed changeover relays

11 Pin

24 V DC / 24 →240 V ∿



A - At

2 changeover relays



Li - L






A - At - B - C - H - Ht - Di - D - Ac - Bw

2 timed changeover relays

12 V ∿ / DC



A - At - B - C - Ht - Di - D - Ac - Bw

12 →240 V ∿ / DC




2 changeover relays

24 V DC / 24 →240 V ∿




Number of variants matching filter 6/6 |

Part numbers

Parts Price Function Multi-function Output Supply voltage
A, Ac, At, B, Bw, C, D, Di, H, Ht Yes Relay 1 pole C/O 24V dc / 24-240V ac
A No Relay 2 pole C/O 24V dc / 24-240V ac
C No Relay 1 pole C/O 24V dc / 24-240V ac
L, Li No Relay 1 pole C/O 24V dc / 24-240V ac
A, Ac, At, B, Bw, C, D, Di, H, Ht Yes Relay 1 pole C/O 12-240V ac/dc
A, Ac, At, B, Bw, C, D, Di, H, Ht Yes Relay 1 pole C/O 12V ac/dc


Timer OUR1 Multifunction Relay 24V dc / 24-240V ac

Technical data


Function A, Ac, At, B, Bw, C, D, Di, H, Ht
Time range 0.1-1s, 1-10s, 0.1-1m, 1-10m, 0.1-1h, 1-10h, 10-100h
Repeatability 0,5 %
Multi-function Yes
Output Relay 1 pole C/O

Electrical data

Breaking capacity 250V ac/dc
Switching current max 8 A
Supply voltage 24V dc / 24-240V ac

Other technical data

Mounting 8-pin socket
IP class connection IP20
IP class front IP50
Temperature operational min -20 °C
Temperature operational max 60 °C
Storage temperature min -30 °C
Storage temperature max 60 °C
Approvals CE, GL, RoHS, UL

Measurements and connections


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