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Servomech - SJ Model A travelling screw ACME screw jack

  • Up to 30% duty cycle
  • ACME screw from 18 to 160 mm
  • 5 to 1000 kN load capacity
  • 14 sizes available

Product description

Compact design screw jacks


Acme screw jacks recommended for intermittent duty cycle

Long life synthetic grease lubricated worm gear

High precision worm gearbox, ZI involute profile

Gearbox ratio from 4:1 to 36:1

Monobloc gearbox housing, robust and compact shape

Input speed up to 1.500 rpm

Acme screw drive, travelling screw (Model A)

Acme screw with 1 or 2 starts


SJ Mod.A Series acme screw jacks with travelling screw:

14 sizes standard available

Acme screw from Ø 18 mm to Ø 160 mm

Load capacity from 5 kN to 1.000 kN


Available accessories:

Stroke length limit device (magnetic or inductive proximity)

Incremental or absolute encoder for positioning control

Prepared for IEC standard motors, AC or DC motors, and brushless servomotors (special motor flange adapter available upon request)

Screw jack housing fixing holes (threaded tapped holes on both housing fixing planes or through holes)

Stop nut device to prevent the ball screw travelling out of the screw jack housing

Protective tube

Anti-turn device

Trunnion mounting

Protective bellows

Worm wheel rotation detector

Safety nut

Acme thread wear level check


More option upon request, application dependant:

Fixing attachments in stainless steel AISI 303, AISI 304, on request AISI 316

Lubricants for high or low ambient temperature

Lubricants suitable for food industry

Part numbers

Parts Price Force max Max. speed
5000 N 50 mm/s
10000 N 62,5 mm/s
25000 N 50 mm/s
50000 N 50 mm/s
100000 N 64,3 mm/s
150000 N 75 mm/s
200000 N 85,7 mm/s
300000 N 62,1 mm/s
350000 N 62,1 mm/s
400000 N 64,3 mm/s
600000 N 75 mm/s
800000 N 60 mm/s
1000000 N 68,6 mm/s



Technical data

Duty cycle 30 %
Force max 5000 N
Max. speed 50 mm/s
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