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Technosoft iPOS3604

Motion controller drive - 4A

  • Up to 144W, 4A continuos 10A peak, 9-36VDC
  • Built-in motion controller
  • For brushed DC, BLDC and stepper motors
  • Communication via RS232 with TML-CAN, CANopen or EtherCAT
  • Open PCB or enclosed design

Product description

iPOS is Technosofts latest family of intelligent motion control hardware.

Through the latest manufacturing processes available, intelligence has advanced over previous models whilst the overall package is much reduced in size.

The result is an ultra compact motor control with high power density capable of running larger electric motors.

Part numbers

Parts Price Analogue Inputs Communication Digital outputs Weight
2 CANopen, RS232, TMLCAN 4 10 g
2 RS232, EtherCAT 4 10 g
1 CANopen, RS232, TMLCAN 3 8 g
1 RS232, EtherCAT 3 8 g
1 CANopen, RS232, TMLCAN 4 48 g
1 CANopen, RS232, TMLCAN 4 48 g
1 CANopen, RS232, TMLCAN 4 48 g
1 CANopen, RS232, TMLCAN 4 70 g
1 CANopen, RS232, TMLCAN 4 70 g
1 CANopen, RS232, TMLCAN 4 70 g


Technosoft IPOS3602 Motion controller drive 2A

iPOS3604 VX-CAN 36Vdc 4A

Technical data

Analogue Inputs 2
Communication CANopen, RS232, TMLCAN
Compatible motor technology PMSM motor, Voice coil actuator, Brushless DC motor, Stepper motor, Linear motor, DC
Control type Electronic cam, Electronic gearing, Position, Speed, Torque
Digital inputs 5
Digital outputs 4
Nominal current 4 A
Peak current 10 A
Positioning feedback 1 Vpp Sin/Cos, Analogue hall sensors, Incremental, Digital hall sensors, Sensorless, Tachogenerator
Power 144 W
Supplier Technosoft
Supply voltage 12 V DC, 24 V DC, 36 V DC
Weight 10 g
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