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Minimotor - RM220E

  • Single phase speed controller
  • Motor with encoder needed for speed reference
  • Digital display
  • Fully enclosed panel mount or skeleton board

Product description

The RM 220E is an electronic speed controller for some types of the MINI MOTOR singlephase asynchronous motors.


Speed variation is obtained by proporrtionally regulating the power supply voltage to the motor .


The control makes it possible to maintain a constant rotation speed of the motor in line with the variation of the applied load.


Speed control is assured by means of a potentiometer installed on the front panel of the unit and the 4 incorporated trimmers allow to control: acceleration and deceleration ramps, response time and maximum speed, master or slave selection.


This speed controller is also available in a suitable version for RM 220E panel and offers the possibility to include an optional ID speed indicator. An open version (RM 220E/G) for electrical board or cabinet is also available.


The RM 220E controller complies with the tests prescribed by the product standard CEI EN 61800-3 of 09/96, and has been designed to operate into industrial environments. Therefore, it can’t be used on low voltage domestic mains networks


Speed control is available as an option on the single phase following series: AC, ACE, PA, PAE, MC, MCE, PC, PCE. It requires an extension of 27 mm to the geared motor length. The geared motors with speed control are identified by the letter ‘R’ in the product code (e.g. ACR, ACER, etc.)

Part numbers

Parts Price


Minimotor Drive RM220E

Technical data

Ambient temperature 0 to 50C
Auxiliary power voltage 0 to 230V AC 50/60 HZ
Input voltage ac 230V 50/60Hz
Operating mode 0-5Vdc 5K Pot for speed ref
Storage temperature -40 to +85C

Measurements and connections

Technical illustrations

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