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Fulling - BLDC with integrated drive 57mm

  • Built in speed control with pulse train output
  • 0-5v analogue speed control input
  • Customer specific functions for large volumes

Product description

Fulling BLDC motors with integrated drives are often a simple and cost-effective solution where you do not have to buy a more advanced stand-alone electronics.

For higher volumes enquiries, it is possible to customise the design and function of the electronics to get a solution that suits your needs.

Part numbers

Parts Price Length Max current Max. torque Nominal current Nominal torque Power Torque constant Weight
100 mm 6,8 A 0,39 Nm 1,8 A 0,11 Nm 46 W 0,061 Nm/A 0,67 kg
139 mm 12 A 0,7 Nm 3,6 A 0,22 Nm 99 W 0,06 Nm/A 0,9 kg
159 mm 16 A 1 Nm 5,3 A 0,33 Nm 138 W 0,065 Nm/A 1,2 kg



Technical data

Front size 57x57
Insulation class B
Length 100 mm
Max current 6,8 A
Max. torque 0,39 Nm
Nominal current 1,8 A
Nominal speed 4000 rpm
Nominal torque 0,11 Nm
Power 46 W
Supply voltage 36 V DC
Torque constant 0,061 Nm/A
Weight 0,67 kg

Measurements and connections


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