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Minimotor DBS-S3 Brushless servomotor with integrated drive

Intermittent periodic duty

  • Efficient and compact
  • Saves seperate cable runs
  • Up to 2.1nm rated torque
  • Open Bus protocols
  • Reduce machine build components

Selected variant

Selected variant

Technical data

General Data

Nominal speed 3000 rpm
Nominal torque 0,4 Nm
Input voltage dc 24/48 Vdc
Digital inputs 2 pnp (24Vdc, 500kHz) , 3 pnp (24Vdc, 7kHz)
Outputs 1 NO 2A (42 Vdc)
Output power 125 W
Rated current 8A@24V/4.2A@48V A
Nominal overload 200% x 60 sec
Motor control algorythm Sinusoidal brushless with 12Bit single-turn / 20Bit multi-turn absolute encoder
Nominal output frequency carrier 4/8/12 kHz
Electronic brake output 24Vdc, max 0.5A
Ambient temperature -10 ... +40°C

Safety Features

IP class IP65
CE approved Yes
Over voltage protection Yes
Under voltage protection Yes
Overheat protection Yes
Memory error protection Yes
Polarity reverse protection Yes
Overcurrent protection Yes
Communication error protection Yes
Overload protection Yes


Communication USB
Ethercat Yes
CanOpen Yes
ProfiNET Yes
Ethernet IP Yes
Modbus RTU Yes
PowerLink Yes



Parts Nominal torque Input voltage dc Output power Rated current Nominal overload Price
0,4 Nm 24/48 Vdc 125 W 8A@24V/4.2A@48V A 200% x 60 sec
0,75 Nm 48 Vdc 235 W 6.3 A 200% x 60 sec
1,1 Nm 48 Vdc 345 W 9.9 A 150% x 60 sec
2,1 Nm 48 Vdc 660 W 15.7 A 150% x 60 sec

Selected variant

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