Embedded Cameras

Basler’s embedded vision kits include all important components to evaluate Basler dart camera modules, the platforms and their various interface technologies enable them to be easily designed into embedded vision systems.

Embedded vision kits give you everything you need to easily integrate them into your system, with three kinds of Embedded Vision Kits available, a plug and play evaluation kit with a dart USB camera module, development kits comprising dart camera modules with a BCON for LVDS or BCON for MIPI interface as well as Add-on Camera Kits to operate Basler cameras with NXP, Qalcomm and Nividia (Jetson) processor boards.

The included Software Development Kit (SDK) simplifies the creation of applications in various programming languages such as C, C++, C#, VB.Net. All components of Basler’s Embedded Vision Kits work together seamlessly, making it easier to perform the integration for your embedded vision project.
Tools are also available for accessing Amazon’s Web Service (AWS) enabling yet more imaging analyse opportunities.

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