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Technosoft - IPOS3602

Motion controller drive - 2A

  • Power up to 75W, continuous/peak current 2/3.2A, supply voltage 12-36VDC
  • Built-in motion controller
  • For brushed DC, BLDC and stepper motors
  • Communication RS-232 (TMLCAN) and CANopen (default) or EtherCAT (optional)
  • Open PCB or enclosed design

Product description

Compact controller to control DC motors, PMSM/BLDC motors and stepper motors. The IPOS3602 is an intelligent, freely programmable servo controller with integrated output, MotionChip ™ controller, I/O signals and CAN bus interface in one device. The IPOS3602 is designed in several versions: as a PCIe plug-in module for motherboard integration, as a soldering/connection module and as a built-in unit, allowing easy integration even in confined spaces. Multiple VX modules can be connected to a single motherboard for compact design, time savings and cost optimization.


Part numbers

Parts Price Analogue Inputs Communication Digital outputs Weight
2 CANopen, RS232 3 10 g
2 EtherCAT, CANopen, RS232 3 10 g
1 CANopen, RS232 3 8 g
1 EtherCAT, CANopen, RS232 3 8 g
1 CANopen, RS232 4 48 g
1 CANopen, RS232 4 48 g
1 CANopen, RS232 4 48 g
1 CANopen, RS232 4 70 g
1 CANopen, RS232 4 70 g
1 CANopen, RS232 4 70 g


iPOS3602 VX-CAN (36V, 2A, encoder, CAN)

Technical data

Analogue Inputs 2
Communication CANopen, RS232
Control type Position, Speed, Torque
Digital inputs 5
Digital outputs 3
Nominal current 2 A
Peak current 3,2 A
Positioning feedback Incremental
Power 75 W
Supplier Technosoft
Supply voltage 12 V DC, 24 V DC, 36 V DC
Weight 10 g


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