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Pressure and Flow Pressure and Flow

The Anderson-Negele NSL range

The NSL from Anderson-Negele gives accurate and fast measurement of level in any process application.

Misreading product level due to foaming media and pastes is a common problem and can become very costly to repair.  Using potentiometric technology the NSL range eradicates misreading from foaming media as well as adherent pastes.

This is done rapidly with a >100ms response time to protect your pump thoroughly.  With a maximum length of 3m available many applications can utilise the NSL (minimum media coductivity >50µS/cm).

There are remote/modular versions for when space is restricted where the parts can be replaced individually and compact versions with no display for cost saving but with all the same performance and protection.

  • Modular
  • Remote versions
  • Immune to foaming media
  • Potentiometric technology
  • Ideal for pasty or adhesive media
  • Minimum product conductivity
  • Fast response time
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