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Our product areas

5 Product Areas - 1 Partner

To become a competent and effective partner we are organised into business areas which have their own sales, product and customer support staff.

By organising in this way we have the advantage of a wide product range with specialist knowledge and staff in each area.

We also have a dedicated Workshop team that provide added value services to our customers.  Read more about them here.


The Panel business area offers a wide range of premium quality components generally for use within electrical control panels in many types of industries. By working closely with our specialised manufacturing partners we can ensure the suitability and performance of our competitive product offer. Indirect cost savings can often be achieved by using our innovative products that are often more compact, easier to install, energy efficient and more reliable giving a longer lifetime.

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Sensors & Safety

Providing smart solutions to sensing and position control applications is what we pride ourselves on in the Sensors & Safety business area.  Photosensors, encoders, connection systems and machine safety form the heart of our product offer.

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Pressure & Flow

Pressure & Flow; as the name suggests, here we focus on components that measure and control the pressure and flow of liquids and gases.  The application areas are wide but include mobile hydraulics, water treatment, chemical industry, cooling systems etc.

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From the relatively simple ac and dc motors and geared motors up to sophisticated drive and positioning controls we are able to offer our customers just the right solution for their machine. Alongside motors, we have a wide range of linear actuators and precision linear guides. 

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Machine Vision & Identification

Seeing the growing demand for machine vision products, OEM Automatic's newest business area focuses on offering the full solution from lens to final result.  The team has the ability to offer and support products from simple, low cost vision sensors to complex/high speed multi camera PC systems. Working closely with our leading manufacturers we can offer a range of components which seamlessly function together with simple to understand but powerful software such as DL.CODE.

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