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At OEM Automatic, we structure ourselves into specialised business units, each with its own sales team, product experts, and customer support personnel. This organisational model allows us to offer a comprehensive product portfolio while maintaining deep expertise within each domain.

Our decentralised approach brings you the best of both worlds - a broad selection coupled with focused knowledge and personalised service. Whether you need guidance on choosing the right solution or support throughout the product lifecycle, our area-specific teams are equipped to cater to your unique requirements.

Furthermore, we have a dedicated Bespoke Solutions team that provides added-value services, enhancing your experience with our offerings. Explore how they can streamline your operations and maximise your investment. Find out more about our Bespoke Solutions Service.

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Our Panel business unit specialises in providing premium-quality components tailored for electrical control panels across diverse industries. Through close collaboration with our industry-leading manufacturing partners, we ensure the suitability and performance of our comprehensive product offerings remain at the forefront of the market.

By leveraging innovative solutions that are often more compact, easier to install, energy-efficient, and boast extended lifespans, our Panel unit enables customers to realise indirect cost savings throughout the product lifecycle. Our cutting-edge components not only enhance reliability but also contribute to streamlined operations and reduced maintenance requirements.

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Sensors & Safety

At the core of our Sensors & Safety business unit lies a commitment to delivering intelligent solutions for sensing and position control applications. We take pride in our expertise in this domain, offering a comprehensive range of products that cater to the diverse needs of modern industrial operations.

Our product portfolio encompasses cutting-edge photosensors, high-precision encoders, robust connection systems, and advanced machine safety solutions. These technologies form the foundation of our offering, enabling precise monitoring, accurate positioning, seamless connectivity, and enhanced operational safety across various industrial sectors.

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Pressure & Flow

Our Pressure & Flow business unit specialises in components designed to measure and control the pressure and flow of liquids and gases across a wide array of applications. Our expertise encompasses diverse domains, including mobile hydraulics, water treatment, chemical processing, cooling systems, and many more.

With a deep understanding of the intricate dynamics involved in fluid and gas handling, our team offers innovative solutions that ensure precise monitoring and regulation of pressure and flow rates.

Whether you require robust components for harsh industrial environments or highly accurate instruments for critical applications, our Pressure & Flow unit delivers tailored products that meet your specific operational requirements.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and adhering to stringent quality standards, we strive to provide our customers with reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions that optimize their fluid and gas management processes, contributing to enhanced productivity, safety, and environmental sustainability.

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Our Motors business unit offers a comprehensive range of solutions, spanning from fundamental AC and DC motors and geared motors to sophisticated drive and positioning control systems. With our extensive expertise, we are well-equipped to provide our customers with tailored solutions that precisely meet the unique requirements of their machinery and applications.

Beyond our motor offerings, we boast a diverse portfolio of linear actuators and precision linear guides, enabling precise linear motion control for a wide range of industrial applications. Whether you require simple motion solutions or highly advanced positioning systems, our Motion Control specialists are dedicated to delivering the optimal solution for your specific machine design and performance objectives.

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Machine Vision

Our Machine Vision specialists possess the expertise to deliver a seamless experience, from simple, cost-effective vision sensors to complex, high-speed multi-camera PC systems.

Through close collaboration with industry-leading manufacturers, we provide a broad range of components that seamlessly integrate with powerful yet user-friendly software solutions, such as DL.CODE. This synergy enables our customers to harness the full potential of machine vision, streamlining processes and optimizing operational efficiency.

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