Datalogic LIDAR guidance scanner

The Lidar Guidance Scanner by Datalogic

Datalogic has launched their new Lidar guidance scanner designed to navigate automated guided vehicles (AGV), Laser guided Vehicles (LGV) and Automated Guided Forklifts (AGF). Packed with infrared laser technology, this is their newest and most compact scanner on the market.

This global technology leader specialises in the automatic data capture and factory automation field, providing bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors for detection, safety light curtains and scanners, vision and laser marking systems, to name just a few. 

Where you might use a Lidar Guidance Scanner

LIDAR (light detection and ranging) can be used for indoor industrial environments with temperatures ranging from -20 degrees to +50 degrees. So, you may typically see the Lidar guidance scanner in a delivery warehouse on an Automated Guided Forklift or Automated Guided Vehicle. You will also see these on Automated Mobile Robots too.

The new Lidar guidance scanner can be used in the intralogistics, material handling, and manufacturing industries to speed up efficiency and measuring.

LGS-N50 and the features

The LGS-N50, an extra-rugged measuring sensor, can be mounted on vehicles using laser navigation. One of its most significant advantages is that it is super easy to integrate and configure into vehicles; it is the most user-friendly Lidar on the market! 

The 360 degree and 50-meter visibility, the laser-based time-of-flight technology, helps transmit distance and intensity measurements that differentiate between natural objects or artificial landmarks.

Additionally, it has a broad temperature range – giving it maximum reliability. This, coupled with a sturdy, compact structure and the benefit of IP66 rated protection against dust and water ingress, ensures the LGS-N50 is well suited to indoor industrial environments!

The Lidar can also achieve Navigation of AGV’s moving up to 2 m/s and a scan rate of up to 25 Hz and 60,000 measurements per second. 

All the features of the LGS-N50 measurement scanner, when combined with the Datalogic Sentinel Safety laser scanner, offer a complete solution for the AGV market. 

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