Datalogic safety laser scanner and automated vehicles scanning area

Datalogic’s Safety Laser Sentinel Enhanced for AGVs and machinery

Datalogic’s Safety Laser Sentinel (SLS) Enhanced is suitable for use with both machinery and automated vehicles. It offers a complete application-oriented solution for safe area monitoring in factory automation and intralogistics. With a temperature range from 50°C to -10°C, it is suitable for use in both hot and cold environments.

Available in different models, typical applications include: 

  • robot cells in palletising/depalletising, welding, painting, and pick and place
  • dynamic applications such as automated guided vehicles, automated guided carts (AGC), autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and shuttles on tracks
  • generic machinery in material handling, automotive, metal working, wood and ceramics.

Up-to-date detection performance 

SLS Enhanced manages up to four simultaneous zones that can be configured as safe or warning areas. Two safe areas can reach up to 5.5 m over an angle of 275°. Two warning areas can cover up to 40 m simultaneously. 

Depending on the application, the SLS Enhanced’s detection capability can be configured to 30, 40, 50, 70 or 150 mm. 

Reliable in industrial environments 

Innovative optical features and signal filtering make SLS Enhanced extremely reliable, even in industrial environments where there could be interference from dust, dirt or light.

Easy maintenance with local configuration backup

The scanner configuration is stored in the Memory Group module, allowing fast and easy replacement without needing the configuration software. The SLS Enhanced continues to offer round-the-clock protection with minimal downtime.

The device’s window can easily be replaced by users in the field.

Unique dynamic partial muting

SLS Enhanced can be configured to mute an area of variable size and position, depending on the working phase of the machine. Muting sensors are activated by the approach of the load entering or leaving the area. 

There is an override function to restart movement after an unintended stop. 

Installation and configuration is user-friendly and fast

It’s easy to program the system using the intuitive graphical user interface. It guides you through the set up of all parameters and the auto-teaching function helps in designing the zones. Available in six languages.

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Application examples

Datalogic Safety Laser Scanner on an AGV for anti collision
Datalogic Safety Laser Scanner in car manufacturing setting for hazardous area protection

Safe automated guided vehicles collision avoidance 

Warning and safe areas can be used to warn operators, slow down or stop the vehicle. Up to 70 different area sets can be configured and activated depending on position, speed and movement of vehicle.

Safe speed monitoring of vehicles

SLS Enhanced can read incremental encoder inputs directly and select the appropriate slow-down and stopping areas, depending on the speed of the vehicle.

To save energy, the scanner is equipped with a shut-off function that can be activated once the vehicle has stopped.  

Advanced measurement data for direct navigation 

SLS Enhanced has a flexible transmission protocol on Ethernet to read measurement data selecting the desired resolution and opening angle. The data include active zone, I/O status, measured speed, intensity of the beams and diagnostic.

To calculate the position of the vehicle and to navigate it, the distance measures of the objects around the scanners can be transmitted through Ethernet from the scanner to the navigation system. The transmission of data can be changed dynamically in response to requests from the controller.

One system, one configuration, four scanners 

The system can easily connect up to four Laser Sentinel scanners to each other through the Ethernet-based safe communication bus. There is only one connection point for inputs and outputs and a single point for configuration. 

Easy configuration without needing external units

SLS Enhanced is the only system that can manage combined applications in which multiple zones stop different parts of the machine, without external units.

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