New snap in version of Stego pressure compensation devices

Achieve maximum safety in control cabinets with STEGO’s latest release.

Ventilation of control panels is now even quicker to install with the new snap-in DA 284.

The DA 284 pressure compensation device is a ventilation plug which protects from internal and external temperature fluctuations, which causes the following to occur:

  • Negative pressure
  • Partial vacuum
  • Dust and humidity entering enclosure

What does this lead to? Condensation, plus dust and moisture entering the cabinet. 

About the DA 284 pressure compensation device

Product news
Stego snap in pressure compensation devices, 80% faster mounting and 67% more air flow

STEGO has added three main features to combat challenges within control cabinets.

Snap-in installation

Making life easier for you, the snap-in installation saves 80% of mounting time!

Snap-in ensures easy mounting, where the DA 284 firmly snaps into enclosures with wall thickness from 1-4mm.

New waterproof membrane

To combat dust and humidity entering the enclosure, a new waterproof membrane has been added to the design.

In case of overpressure, the membrane allows humidity to escape to the outside. At the same time, humidity is prevented from getting back into the enclosure when air flows through the DA 284.

67% faster pressure compensation is achieved by using the waterproof membrane and sealing ring, ensuring that the DA 284 is IP66 rated.

Aluminium Versions Available For Harsh environments

STEGO uses aluminium to protect the pressure compensation device from effects such as UV radiation and salt water. Aluminium material makes this great for aggressive environments and even the food industry.

So, the new M12 version of the DA 284 pressure compensation device is made of aluminium.

These features result in an 80% higher flow rate than comparable products.

Stego snap in pressure compensation devices, rugged in harsh environments
If you are interested in knowing more about the new DA 284 pressure compensation device by STEGO, email [email protected] or call 0116 284 9900 and our experts can advise you

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