PULS’s PIANO PIM power supplies – Save space

If you are interested in reliable, easy-to-use, cost-effective DIN rail power supplies, look no further. PULS' Piano PIM series of power supplies have been developed to emphasise its basic functions whilst adding additional and complex features.

Supplying from 36-480W, Piano products are designed to be cost-orientated and high-quality at the same time.

This article focuses solely on the PIM series, mainly due to its' compact and space-saving design. Available in 36W, 60W or 90W, the PIM piano series is purely designed as a compact power supply providing a floating, stabilised and galvanically separated SELV/PELV/ES1 output voltage.

The compact design of the PIM series allows the ability to create more space in your systems; furthermore, flexible planning is possible. The width of the 36W version is only 22.5mm - so, literally a thumb's width!

Core features – Efficiency, lifetime, reliability, and size are the core features that make up the Piano PIM series.

Choose between push-in and screw terminals

The choice is yours. If you opt for the push-in terminals, installation time can reduce. Push-in terminals are reliable in environments prone to shock and vibration and are particularly suited for robot-assisted wiring processes. However, screw terminals can accommodate large diameter wires and are popular in environments with minimal shock and vibration.

Innovation with the Piano PIM series

The main benefits of the PIM include:

1. Reduced costs for you

PULS has created a single board design to place all components on one printed circuit board, leading to lower production and testing costs for PULS during production. PULS can therefore offer us a cost advantageous power supply, which is reflected in the Pianos' pricing.

In addition, the modern circuits little need for space means that 90W can be integrated into a housing with only 36 x 90 x 91mm.

You will start to experience low power losses due to high-efficiency values (90.5 to 95.7%), which lowers heat losses, making PULS Piano power supplies more durable and help to reduce your energy costs when cooling your system.

2. High reliability

Piano PIM power supplies are characterised on the relevant MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures). The PIM series has a very low failure rate, making this range highly reliable, achieved due to the reduced number of components used on the circuit board, said to reduce the chances of failure.

A long lifetime is assured, as PULS has placed the most crucial long living components in the coolest spots of the circuit board.

3. Increased safety

Safety is the most crucial feature, but the least of your worries. High immunity is ensured as these power supplies withstand powerful input transients up to 230% of the nominal input voltage.

The material used for the PIM power supply includes polycarbonate, which is very durable, lightweight and has passed all stress tests, including shock, vibration, and temperature. PULS have stated that all units comply with the V0 class of inflammability, achieving very robust housing. 


The Piano family consists of the PIM and PIC series, this growing product family includes more than 14 different DIN rail power supplies. Each device caters for various requirements, including input voltage range and more. 

A wide variety of economical applications can be achieved with Piano power supplies, with the option to use DIMENSION products for more demanding applications.

OEM stocks the range of PULS Piano as well as other product families within the PULS range.

To find out more about the PULS Piano PIM line, email [email protected].

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