Interface modules for ethernet and USB

Interface modules, otherwise known as breakout modules, are a practical alternative to an individual wire approach. These modules allow you to easily connect electronic devices, via the preferred connector, to electrical systems.

CONTA-CLIP’S portfolio consists of various interface modules, but this range is designed for Ethernet and USB capability. The new additions to the range are SPE (single pair ethernet), Industrial Ethernet and RJ45.

Why may you require interface modules?

Interface modules are ideal where you need to offer a plug-in connection within a panel, allowing you to wire directly from existing circuits. 

For factories, manufacturing and almost any industrial setting, interface modules are essential to simplify interfaces into control systems.

The new additions 

Product news

Single pair ethernet 


  • Spring shield clip for locally grounding the cable
  • Push in terminals
  • 100 Mpbs

IX industrial ethernet 


  • CAT5
  • Push in terminals
  • Type A and type B versions available

RJS45 - SH


  • Compact design 
  • Push in terminals
  • Spring shield clip for locally grounding the cable

The full range of Ethernet and USB interface modules 

CONTA-CLIP'S range of ethernet and USB interface modules use the standardised RJ45 Ethernet and USB connector from computer components and Ethernet-ready devices or modems.

USB interface modules


  • Type A and B versions available
  • Compact design
  • Screw terminals

RJS45 interface modules


  • Single connection with breakout
  • Screw terminals
  • 2 common sockets 

RJ11-12 interface modules

RJU11/RJU12, RJ11/12

  • Screw terminals
  • Without shield
  • Socket with breakout

RJS45-3 3 port module


  • 3 sockets with breakout
  • CAT3
  • Screw terminals 

CONTA-CLIP has a range of interface breakout modules, including push-in, screw and spring clamp connections. 

To complete the range, we also offer the following: 

Custom versions can also be designed and manufactured to suit your application, email [email protected] today to enquire about this service.

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