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Image sensing solutions are continuously being developed at Sony, and their popular FCB range has welcomed the EV9500 series of block cameras to its existing range!

Three camera models exist within this range, with a new lens, image sensor and ISP achieving higher visibility. Choose from a line-up of 3 models, the 4M model and full HD models, all in the same sized housing. 

OEM Automatic Ltd is excited to stock the full, current range of Sony FCB cameras.

Let’s look into the EV9500s’ key features.


The EV9500 series includes cameras with a resolution of 4k and full HD 1080p. Made with a 4M sensor and sharp lens, this camera creates accurate image representation; This, combined with the enhanced optical zoom, achieves high image quality from the Wide end to the Tele end.

Optical zoom

Another prominent feature is the 30x enhanced optical zoom! You can experience full sharpness and dramatically reduce chromatic aberration without the worry of image deterioration. The EV9500 uses a compact lens designed for up to 8M maximising the coverage of the 4M sensor. 

Image stabilisation

Minimise blurring, especially during complex environments such as intense vibrations. This block camera has superior stabilisation capabilities. The EV9500 is equipped with the ‘Super’ and ‘Super+ (plus)’ modes.


The EV9500 camera ranges are equipped with an approximately 417 million effective-pixel, 1/1.8-type high sensitive, AR-coated (anti-reflective coating) CMOS sensor. Sony has adopted the technology of using new cell structures and circuit technology. Due to elevated sensitivity levels, capturing clear images even in low light environments is achieved. These factors achieve twice the sensitivity of other image sensors on the market.

Flare reduction

You may experience diamond flares and ghosts that occur on lenses. This can disrupt focusing and can deteriorate the quality of images. Sonys’ new lens has 7 blades that generate fine, circular flares, improving image quality overall.

Product news

Watch this video below, showing the Sony EV9500 in action:


The EV9500 is suitable for use in harsh and challenging weather conditions in a wide variety of environments, especially where blur suppression is needed.

This camera is especially effective for security uses with a high spectral sensitivity value in near-infrared to infrared. Furthermore, the AR coating minimises the ghost phenomenon and enables capturing of images without missing crucial information even during the night and in dark environments.

General applications include: 

  • Surveillance and security
  • Automotive imagining systems and drones
  • Shipboard imaging systems
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Scientific research

About Sony webinars this November!

Sonys’ technical team gives you an exclusive look at the new FCB-9500 and more about the world of Sony camera technology. It will be beneficial to hear more about the FCB range.
Not only are they exploring the new EV9500, but they are also talking about what goes on at Sony, behind the lens.

Webinar: Exclusive Sony Camera Technology Insights 

Choose from the below dates:

  • Webinar Date Option 1: 23rd November - 10:00 - 12:00 CET 
  • Webinar Date Option 2: 29th November - 14:30 - 16:30 CET 

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