Vehicle and machine safety – Eliminating blind spots

You may not be familiar with this new rule, but The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) has come into effect this year – enforced by Transport For London. This new rule means that all heavy-duty vehicles over 12 tons in the city of London MUST have a safety permit or they will incur a fine of £550. Therefore, HGV’s must ensure they have the correct safety functions preventing a fine, but most importantly, protect them and other road users’ lives.

Everyday society dreads the fear of HGV incidents and life-threatening accidents, so it is a priority to provide safe solutions. You can read more about vehicle and machine safety here and learn about the DVS regulation in detail…

Orlaco have provided a solution with their camera and radar-based monitoring systems – meeting the requirements for the DVS, vehicles can then drive into the City of London. Orlaco focus on improved vision and help with viewing of loads; tooling; trailers and blind spots.

Orlacos' SideEye - Turn Assist System

The SideEye is one of the products we proudly offer our customers. The camera and detection system alerts drivers when road users are present in the blind spot of the truck. This not only helps the driver but increases protection against vulnerable road users. 

Some useful facts:

  • You can integrate SideEye into existing systems 
  • Provides visual and audible alerts for drivers when road users present in blind spot detection zone
  • Road users warned by powerful outdoor speaker when vehicle makes a turn
  • Includes a Short-Range radar unit (radar sensor on side of truck)
  • 7” Camera Display

And many more...

Our reduced pricing

We have a 20% reduction in price for our Orlaco SideEye for a full cost of £1,575

See table below compromising of the full kit for the UK:

 OEM Part Orlaco Part   Description
ORL0403170 0403170 SideEye DVS for UK, includes:
ORL0209440 0209440 Monitor 7" RLED SideEye R4
ORL0504820 0504820 Interface box
ORL0171010 0171010 Camera Famos 118° PAL
ORL0301880 0301880 Cable 5m UNI
ORL0301061 0301061 Cable 10m M12 green
ORL0307170 0307170 Adapter SRD M12M-D8M
ORL0004350 0004350 SRD Sensor "SideEye"
ORL0900180 0900180 Pre-config
ORL0403590 0403590 Extension kit SideEye DVS for UK

We’re doing a webinar on SideEye!

Join us on Wednesday 28th July 2021 for an hour-long webinar focusing on Orlaco’s SideEye and eliminating blind spots. We can’t wait to show you more about Orlaco and the SideEye System. We encourage you to participate as this will give you all the information you need, plus things you may not know already - the Q&A will allow you to solve any queries or thoughts…

What will we be talking about?

Our friendly host, Tijmen Van Ginkel – has 20 years experience at Orlaco and will be walking you through the following:

  • Why do we need this system? 
  • The UK DVS regulation
  • Functions and USP’s of SideEye
  • Portfolio of SideEye
  • Examples of SideEye in real-life settings
  • Q&A

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